Friday, February 1, 2008

Caranaval begins

The first night of Carnaval is past, with various events in its wake. I took Lucas out to the street to see the action, which he enjoyed, even though he was tired. He likes it when they yell "Sai do chão!" (leave the ground, or jump up and down) which we do and that always gets a big smile. We saw a couple trios go by, then made our way back towards the house, where we saw a couple more go by. Tribahia, A Mulherada, and some little trio with an Axé group. I realized how long I've actually lived here because I kept running into people I know, including a friend of Evani's who is part of Mulherada.

We hadn't had rain for a month, but of course, it always rains for Carnaval and it picked today to rain like hell. It rained so hard that I had to wake up two of our guests who were sleeping in the living room, at 5 AM, because water was blowing in the windows. At least they were mellow about it...

The other event of the day was that Ruan showed up with a hamster this morning. I gave him some cash to buy a can of this spray snow goop that is very popular during Carnaval and he came home with a new pet. Without asking. His mother is not very happy about it. I'm fine with it, I figured it could be a good thing for him to learn some responsibility and plus he's wanted a pet for a long time. Evani has made it clear that we will not raise cats or dogs in the house, so I guess a hamster is as good as it's going to get. One terrible irony- they stuck the poor little thing in a box that originally contained rat poison- only in Brazil!

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