Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stickers in Curitiba

I'd been checking my flickr account every day, and feeling like a jerk- until today, that is. That's because I'd been invited a few months ago to participate in the Expo Stickers 2008 in Curitiba, Brasil and sent off five hand-drawn stickers right before Carnaval. I had a few more, but Lucas got his hands on them and destroyed them, much to my surprise as he knows all about my stickers and I thought he'd respect them. But then again, he's only two. So I had received an email that my stickers had arrived, and I was waiting for him to post a picture of them. Today he posted it- here it is. I am immensely, disproportionately pleased by this- maybe because in some small way it means five years of a fine art's degree hasn't been completely pissed away, maybe because the big surge of time and energy spent making stickers and painting graffiti a couple months ago hasn't gone away for good.

More about the graffiti when I finally get out and paint some.

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