Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arrival of The Grammy

My Mom arrived for her fourth visit to Bahia today. For the first time, they lost her luggage, which caused some stress until all of a sudden a guy knocked on the door with the bags in tow- what a relief. Particularly because the bags were full of presents.

Mom brought lots of presents- my mother loves to give presents. She brought presents for me, presents for Ruan, presents for Evani, and, most of all, presents for Lucas.

It is now officially Lucas' third birthday, having started almost an hour ago. Evani, with the help of four people, worked literally all day preparing for it. That is to say- they all worked all day preparing for it. They have made hundreds of little chocolates and other sweets, and hundreds of little baked tasty goodies, and tomorrow morning they are going to fry up hundreds more little fried goodies that they prepped today. The table is completely laden, and I have suspended it in little dishes with water in them so the ants won't invade.

Brazilians take their parties seriously, and I suspect that here in Bahia they take them even more seriously. Mom remarked that she had some nice parties for us, but never put out the kind of effort Evani is expending for this one. No doubt about that- in the States, it was cake, ice cream, and presents. Where we went in for more presents, they go in for more food. And this is his third birthday- the big one is the first one!

It's great to see Mom, and it's even greater to see Mom see Lucas, who is her only grandchild. Lucas is old enough that he connects her with the voice on the phone, and he warmed up to her right away. I told her if he starts to drive her nuts to kick him out of her room and lock the door. It almost came to that tonight, as she was so exhausted from her 25 hour trip that she was almos asleep on her feet and I had to extricate him from her bed, where he was hiding in the sheets, howling merrily.

The other thing Mom did was break The Great Twizzlers Fast. In a big way. I now have four pounds of red licorice, and a pound of cherry bites. These will go fast despite my best efforts to conserve them- the problem with red licorice is that it's never better than when you gorge yourself on it, which doesn't lend itself to rationing. I'll get in a few good gorges before I try to ration them, even so I expect they'll be gone in two weeks.


Thelma said...

Hi Mark (or is it Markie?)!
I read your all your blog entries (I I might be the one that took 15 or more minutes to finish it :P). It's great and I already added you in my Bloglines. You did a post about not fitting in Brazi and sometimes I feel the same here in Canada (but I never felt that in US) and I can totally relate to it. But we did choose live abroad so I guess we have to deal with.

It's awesome that your mom is visiting! I'm sure it'll be blast!


AkuTyger said...

I like to use the internet for this, since "gamma" can't travel so often. Ju now thinks often that videos playing on the computer are her.

markuza said...

Thelma- thanks so much for your interest in my blog. It's been fun to write and I love getting responses. Yes, we do kinda ask for it when we choose to live somewhere different- the not fitting in bit. I find it interesting that you felt you fit better in the States though- have you ever written about that in your blog? Muito obrigado e continua lendo!

markuza said...

Aku Tyger- you use the internet for parties??? or to get licorice? ;-) One of the great tragedies of my personal internet universe is that my mom lives too far out to get broadband- so we can't do video calls. Verizon is making noise about finally installing it out where she lives which would be SO COOL. If I stick a set of headphones on Lucas he automatically thinks he's talking to Grammy...