Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Beach and the Sea Glass Thereon

Yesterday I took Ruan and Lucas to the beach. I had to threaten Ruan with suspension of television privileges to get him to go- he wanted to visit a friend. But seeing that at the friend's house he would just sit in front of the TV playing video games or watching cartoons (exactly what he does most of the time at home) I was determined to get him out into the great outdoors to frolic a bit.

Once we got there it was fine. Ruan loves the beach, as does Lucas. And Lucas loves Ruan and follows him everywhere and wants to do whatever he's doing, or get him to do whatever he (Lucas) is doing. This is starting to get complicated because although Ruan adores his little brother he is almost 11 while Lucas is only 3 and he's starting to want to do stuff that doesn't involve the little tiny guy. So I relaxed and drank beer and watched them play. The only place I like to drink beer before noon is at the beach. I often lament the lack of microbreweries and the general consistent quality of the beer here (lager, lager, or lager- with an occasional sickly sweet opaque brew in the mix) but Brazilian beer is never better than at a scorching hot beach at teeth achingly cold temperatures. Cerveja, bem gelada! is the war cry of the beach-going Brazilian.

I lobstered myself because I wasn't real careful with the suntan lotion. My poor bald forehead got scorched, and because of a flash of idiocy with the clippers so did my chest- usually my crop of chest hair prevents it from burning, but in the zeal of hair cutting I cropped it as well.

I brought home a bunch of sea glass to put in the fish tank. Sea glass is easy to come by here in Salvador. I used to spend long afternoons in North Carolina at Topsail Island with my head down, scanning the sand for shells, shark's teeth, and sea glass- as were most of the other beach goers at the time. We would go back to the beach house and lay out our finds on the benches surrounding the deck, and bring them back to wherever home was where generally they got stashed and forgotten. Here, nobody cares about sea glass- in fact, it doesn't even register. Once when Lucas was much smaller we went to another beach that had so much lovely sea glass that I gathered as much as I had time for, and then left the rest there. When I showed it to Evani and some other soteropolitanos (this is a wonderful word for someone from Salvador) they didn't even know what it was. Living their entire lives within spitting distance of the ocean, and having most likely stepped on more sea glass than I will collect in my entire life, it had not even blipped on their radar.

Also, because of the general Brazilian propensity to throw trash on the ground, out the car window, or over the side of the boat, there is lots and lots of glass getting polished in the Brazilian tides.

Looks great in the fish tank.

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