Saturday, March 8, 2008

DJ Mixes and Worlds Collide

This all started when popped up a two hour dj mix by the Deep House Cat Show. I love dj mixes, and like a fool I loaded another page into my window and lost the feed. But I lost it in favor of a Google search for the Deep House Cat Show, which caused the proverbial light bulb to go on over my head. If these guys are serving up free mix sets as a podcast, I though, brilliantly, then there must be other ones- even better ones!

Of course, I discovered in short order that there are- lots of them. Now I beat my proverbial head on the desk and ask myself Why, I say, did it take me so long to figure this out?

Anyhow, I plan to make up for lost time. I quickly discovered, an excellent site which lists dozens of shows to download in all their kaleidoscopic glory of assorted genres. I've downloaded about 6 or eight so far, all fantastically different, almost all very listenable. One of these was by a guy called Mr. Phipson, by far the best of what I've found so far. I loaded his page, and wait a minute, I says to myself, I know those images. 'Those images' were stickers made by a guy who's work I've seen quite a bit on Flickr- a guy who calls himself Stick-a-Thing and makes stickers and lives in Berlin and originally attracted my attention because he states a love of Capoeira Angola. I made him a contact, then removed him as a contact because I sent him some messages and he never replied and I got annoyed.

You know what's coming.

Apparently, Mr. Phipson and Stick-a-Thing are the same person. And now three of my worlds have collided- my love of electronic music, of Capoeira Angola, and of street art.

I guess I'll have to subscribe to his podcast.

Update: Mr. Phipson himself discovered this post the same day as I posted it! I was floored until I did a Google blog-specific search for Mr. Phipson and this post came up on top. He left a comment (a first for this blog), have a look.


Stick-A-Thing said...

hey…it's me Mr Phipson himself :D
I am sorry I f I didn't answer question.
I can't remember any questions, but of course that is nothing personal…just get a lot of mail and sometimes I don't notice aways everything. Feel free to contact me bro'. :D
Thanks for your links sire!

Jeffrey L. New said...

I was looking for a cat story. I love my 40 kitties,and I love a good cat story.I also have a pet stor,

markuza said...

Sorry to disappoint... we don't have any cats. None foreseen in the near future.