Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finish What You Have Started, Human

It took me a while to remember where that quote was from- it's from Spirited Away by Miyazaki. I find myself writing about his films quite a bit. I wonder what that means?

So why was I saying this to myself? Well, SEVERAL WEEKS AGO I was trying to finish what I started, and I almost wrapped it up a week later, and I can't take it anymore, so I'm finally patting myself on the back for my great accomplishments that I can't ever seem to get finished.

I finished two things- one was a street drawing that I'd started the week before and got rained out. The other was a long overdue update to my website- They have a saying here: "Casa de ferreiro, espeito de pau," which means "Blacksmith's house, wooden skewers." Which means whatever it is you do professionally tends to go untended personally. But you probably figured that out already. And this is all a very long-winded way of me saying that I neglect my poor innocent websites, and also, the poor things. But just got a little better! I put up some galleries of my artwork (btw iPhoto writes atrocious HTML) and I am now giving away free postcards of my work. Just go to and fill out the form, in the language of your choice, as long as it's English or Portuguese. Now how's that for a plug? Since I get about 10 visitors on this blog every day, I expect to have 10 free postcard requests tomorrow. Yeah, right. Anyhow, they are free. So go get one.

The other thing this human hadn't finished was a drawing I started last month and was interrupted by a torrential downpour. Here it is in its finished state:

I need to do about 20 more of these...

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