Thursday, May 8, 2008

No, Pat, No!

Lucas said to me yesterday: "No, Pat, No! Don't sit on the cat!"

This made me extremely happy.

Let me explain why.

Pat is a big, fluffy, Fozzie Bear type character in Dr. Zeuss' book Hop On Pop. He goes around sitting on things, like a hat, a bat, and of course, a cat. He also tries to sit on a cactus.

When he sits on the cat, the text reads 'Pat sat on cat.'

When he goes to sit on the cactus, the text reads 'No, Pat, No! Don't sit on that!'

So why are you so happy, you are asking. Well, Lucas said this in English. And not only did he put two different phrases together in a logical way, but he also put the article in there in the right place with no prompting from his English-speaking dad!

So the kid is finally getting it. And he's really learning, not just parroting. My words aren't just bouncing off him. I mean, I knew they weren't all bouncing off him, but now I know I'll be hearing more than just 'Look!' and 'Nother one' and 'All gone.' Oh yeah, and 'Come on man!'

Not that those aren't good words too.


AkuTyger said...

Haha, isn't it fun when that happens? We really need to get them together soon, so they can talk to eachother. Although, I bet they will talk in Portuguese.

markuza said...

Yes, you're right on both counts. Maybe with a lot of parental encouragement they will pull out some English... I think Lucas turned a corner in the English department when my mom was here, just because he heard us speaking it all the time. Maybe they will have the same response.