Friday, May 16, 2008


I had a dream last night. There were mice running around the room, despite the room having lots of people in it. It was our house, but it wasn't our house. There was an open door leading to the basement, and we don't have a basement. I looked and realized they were running around in the open because they were being chased out of the basement by rats that were attacking them. I looked into the basement, and there were all these rats, attacking one another and the mice. Then I looked back in the room and there were all these dead bloody rats in the corners, and rats chasing mice and it was so unpleasant that I woke myself up; I rarely remember dreams like this unless I wake up in the middle of them.

I'd hate to have someone tell me what this means. Actually, I probably had the dream because I did see two mice chasing each other around in my office (at the house) the other day. I really should set out some traps. Not that I like killing mice much- I don't like to kill anything if I can avoid it, with the notable exceptions being mosquitoes and cockroaches. Biting flies also used to get swatted with vigor but we don't have those here in Brazil. But rodents are more than just a nuisance, there are some nasty rodent-borne diseases here.

We don't have rats in the house, but one did fall off our neighbor's roof the first year we lived here. He used to have this nasty section of roof where the tenants threw trash and apparently the rats liked it. It fell off his roof onto our patio- maybe it touched the electric fence we have. I'm not going to tell you the rest of this story because it ends badly. He has since reformed that part of the house and trash doesn't accumulate there anymore- I think.

The other thing that happened yesterday that might have triggered the dream has to do with the owls we have in the neighborhood- I think someone actually raises them. I hear them screeching all the time and Evani hates it, she's very superstitious about owls and I've discovered that lots of Bahians are. One time I was drinking beer with a friend of mine and we heard an owl screech overhead- he said Bota fogo no cu dela, Maria three times. This means Put fire up her butt, Maria. Kind of an obscure comment, but the sentiment is clear.

Personally I like owls and have nothing against them. I saw one of our neighborhood owls once, and it was beautiful and snowy white. Plus they eat rodents and I'm not a big fan of rodents even if I don't like to kill them myself. So anyhow last night I heard the owl screech, and then I heard it screech again, much closer, and simultaneously heard another screech which sounded exactly like a rodent that has just been seized in the talons of an owl. This was coming from our neighbor's house, which if I'm correct counters my theory that his rats are gone. At least the furry ones- he's got plenty of human rats living there.


AkuTyger said...

Hey, a friend of mine from college posted this on his blog and I thought of you.

Also, I don't know exactly what you do, but you might be interested in a site he and a group of guys have put up; it might be up your alley.

I haven't seen any rodents here, knock on wood. But I do have two cats (only one is really mobile though). The cockroaches are significantly a lower count since they have been on the job. Unfortunately so are the lizards and spiders, both of which I like to have because they eat the mosquitoes. Can't win.

markuza said...

That animation is soooo cooool!! I actually had another person send me the same link yesterday! The idea of combining graffiti and animation had occurred to me too, as I'm sure it has to many others, but I would never have come up with something like that. Also interesting to learn that Argentina is apparently also graffiti-tolerant- no way was that painted with any worries about the cops.

That crowdspring site is a great idea too- I hope it takes off.