Monday, May 12, 2008

Ruan's Birthday

Saturday was Ruan's birthday, and to celebrate we left the city for a couple days. Here's what I wrote about our trip on Saturday night at the hotel:

Today is Ruan's eleventh birthday. I am in the beach town of Imbassai with him and Lucas and their cousin Gel, who was the closest thing to a brother that Ruan had before Lucas was born.

This was Evani's idea, but she's not here. She suggested coming out here, about an hour north of the city on the 'Linha Verde,' but then decided she didn't want to join us. I asked her what she wanted for Mother's day, and she said 'paz' so I guess that says it all.

So here I am with Lucas snoring at my side. This is the first time I've done an overnight trip with the kids without Evani. It started very badly; I gave Ruan a new game for his Game Boy before we left and it ended up with Lucas crying uncontrollably, wanting to play the game, and Ruan all pissed off because he couldn't play his new game. I told Ruan I needed his help if we were going to do this trip, and apparently that worked- he mellowed out and gave Lucas the game to play, and Lucas in turn stopped crying. It helped that I gave Ruan my new cell phone to check out, which he hadn't seen yet, so they both had an electronic distraction for a while.
I think it's a good thing I didn't write more. If I'd had lots of time to hang out on the computer, I wouldn't have been doing other things, like hanging out with the kids. We swam in the pool, went to the beach and played in the sand, went to a restaurant and had pizza and cake. During dinner, I snuck off and bought some chocolate cake and candles at the bakery conveniently located next to the restaurant we were eating at. I gave them to the waiter and asked him to bring it out after we were done eating. He said no problem.

When we finished eating, I tried mightily to herd Lucas back into his seat for the cake and he almost blew the surprise when Gel told him we were going to sing 'Parabens' (Congatulations, or 'Happy Birthday' Brazilian style). Lucas did go back to his chair, but of course he went saying "Parabens de Ruan!" several times, luckily Ruan didn't catch on. Then the fool of a waiter brought out the cake with the candles unlit. We were all singing parabens already, but had to stop because the fool of a waiter couldn't get the candles lit. I had to light them myself, and we started over again. At least the cake was tasty.

We experienced several miracles on our trip, the first being that it didn't rain. It had rained... the expression in the States is 'cats and dogs' but I don't think that's adequate for the rain we had here. I'd say it rained 'horses and cows' on Thursday night and then was cloudy all day Friday, and the forecast I saw online was for nothing but clouds, rain, and thunderstorms over the weekend. Nonetheless, Ruan wanted to go, and while we didn't get much in the way of sun, at least it didn't rain on us.

Another miracle we had was when we all worked on a sand castle at the beach and Lucas didn't destroy it, but chose instead to participate in the construction. As we were preparing to leave, he reverted to form and decimated the thing.

I know there was a third miracle, but it must have been a minor one because I don't remember it.

On Sunday we went to Praia do Forte, another trendy resort-ish town on the coast which is best know for its sea turtle project. We went and saw the turtles, had lunch and ice cream, and took a ride in a funky pedal taxi.

Ruan had a great time. He got two new games for his play station, and one for his game boy, so he's happy as a clam. Overall I'd say we all had a great time. And Evani got her time off, spending nearly two days with her friends in Paripe.

In the graffiti department, another Sunday, another near-bust in production. I painted a rather ugly bichinho on a power pole on our way out of Imbassai. I'm starting to appreciate the difference between different types of paint and caps (nozzles) and I'm not entirely thrilled with the ones I've got right now. Hopefully next Sunday I can do a real painting.


AkuTyger said...

Sounds lovely! I love to put the older kids in charge - it makes them behave so much better. It even works with 3 and 4 year olds.

markuza said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to try that more often...