Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sticker Expo 08 Curitiba

Yess! I've been checking the flickr site of EXS 08 for some time looking for any photos of my stickers in their show, and I just found one! Here it is. I was starting to worry that they'd just tossed my poor hand-drawn lovelies, but as it turns out they even gave me a nice little name tag. This is only the third art show I've been in including my BFA show in 92, and the other one I put on myself. I'm not counting the photos and paintings I hung in Brattleboro area restaurants back in the day. I'm also not counting the streets of Salvador, or the internet, which have provided me with much wider exposure than any of the little shows I've done. Not that it's come to anything. Yet. Except this expo in Curitiba.

I must say they did a pretty nice job with the show, much more professional than I expected initially. You can see the rest of the pictures here.

Yesterday I went and priced out silk screening equipment, and made the very pleasant discovery that I could get started with a basic setup for very cheap. So I may be mass producing stickers, and doing new t-shirts, soon. Perhaps very soon...


AkuTyger said...

Looks cool! I keep an eye out for your tag now, when ever I am out.

markuza said...

Thanks- have you ever... seen it? anywhere? Most of what I still have up is around here in the center. I'd like to change that but this rain isn't helping much.