Monday, June 30, 2008


My poor blog. It's being neglected. First it was my poor car, now it's my poor blog. Next it will be poor me and it will be time to close up shop for good.

There are several things I want to write about, the big midwinter holiday of São João that just happened, which steals the thunder of my birthday which also just happened, the improvements I just uploaded to, etcetera. Recent street paintings and other art projects. Cute things that Lucas has done lately. But I won't talk about any of that.

What I'm going to talk about is the fact that my Dad finally has some of his artwork online, at long last! This was a project I was supposed to be involved in at one point, then a few months ago I scoured my backup discs for whatever files I might have of any of his paintings to do a throw-together page on my own site, to no avail. Then finally he told me on the phone that his wife, who maintains the exceptional Acworthian website, put together a bio with photos of him for his upcoming solo show. Here it is.

Very impressive. I learned some stuff from that article myself. I could fill in a few details, such as the fact that I am one of the two boys from the second marriage, and boy could I fill in some other details like the big lion pipe he carved which when flipped over revealed it's considerable endowment. When we were kids, we used to love to show that to our friends when they came to Dad's house to visit.

OK, enough embarrassing stories. Actually, I know my Dad well enough to know that he wouldn't be embarrassed by that at all. My father was my first and still is my most important influence artistically, no big surprise there. Last time I was in the States I told him I wanted to include some pictures of his work on my website, primarily a number of drawings he did that I used to trip out on all the time as a kid that continue to be mirrored (not copied, blast you- 'mirrored' I said (whatever that's supposed to mean)) in my own work. He also drew and painted lots of monsters, and made sculptures and mobiles and taught me from an early age that an artist need not limit themselves to a single medium.

Dad has also been my greatest fan- encouraging me from my youngest days in all my artistic endeavors. I still remember that whenever some stupid grownup asked me and my brother 'what we wanted to be when we grew up' we always gave the same answer: artists. I have moved back and forth from my role as an artist and currently I'm as active an artist as I ever have been, and my brother has made a living through his art for quite a while now.

Dad is also really into the street art that I'm doing- I believe that I mentioned in an earlier post that he was living in NYC during the big subway graffiti heyday and enjoyed it so much that he went out and painted the floor of his studio with a bunch of cans. I told him about doing silkscreening and he said he'd like to try that too.

Go Dad!

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