Sunday, June 15, 2008

Zines and Quadrilha

Sunday is not a street art day, it's a hung-over day and also Father's Day but not here in Brazil...

But Saturday was interesting. I spent the morning trying to distract Lucas so I could finish an email interview. Some guy found me on Flickr and told me he had been seeing and enjoying my street art here in the city. He told me he was working on a zine, and asked if I would be willing to be interviewed for the first issue. I said yeah, sure, why not, of course! I thought we'd do an interview in person, but he asked if we could do it over MSN or by email. I chose email. I got a list of questions on Friday and he told me he plans to get the thing finished by Monday- pretty crazy schedule!

I think he's a student and I don't have real high expectations but nonetheless it's pretty cool to be recognized so I took the time to answer his questions as carefully as I could in my abominable written Portuguese. The questions were pretty straight forward- from where did the name Markuza come from and where am I from to how do you make your art and what kind of message are you trying to get across. We'll see how it comes out!

I got the interview/questionnaire out just in time to get Lucas ready for his São João presentation at school. São João is the big winter holiday here in the Northeast of Brazil, and it deserves more attention than I'm going to give it in this post. It's a celebration of the rural traditions of the Northeast, and is celebrated by making bonfires, drinking fruit liquors, eating peanuts, and dancing Forro. Forro is a type of music featuring, in its simplest form, an accordion, a triangle, and a very shallow drum played on both sides of the skin. São João is celebrated on June 24 (the day before my birthday) and lots of parties and events happen in the weeks leading up to it.

Evani decided to go to a birthday party for her sister rather than attend the event at Lucas' school, which left me to get him there, film the thing, applaud, and tell him he did great, which I did. It was a pretty typical kid/school/stage thing, lots of parents with cameras and lots of kids standing around in varying degrees of participation looking cute. Lucas did much better this year than last, he and his friend Henri did 'the saw' vigorously and Henri came perilously close to sawing his way right off the stage. You can check out the whole thing here if you are so inclined. Lucas was very serious about the whole thing and didn't really seem to enjoy himself until he got to jump on the trampoline. He's gotten quite good at that trampoline thing.


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