Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday is Wheatpaste Day, Vol. Whatever

These days are not good ones to waste money on spray paint. I'll tell you why in another post. Wheatpasting remains feasible and economical, so I took it upon myself to deck the streets with silly pictures once again today. I stuck to my usual route here in the center of the city, and gained some insight on some very important questions that have been bugging me since I started this enterprise:

1. If you freeze wheatpaste, is it still usable?

Excellent question. The answer is- maybe. The other answer is, it appears to still work, but I'm not going to try it again. I froze, thawed, and then re-froze the wheatpaste I used today, and it wasn't as gummy as it generally is. Nothing fell off the wall as I was sticking it up, but I don't know if it will survive the next rainstorm.

2. How do these guys who remove posters operate?

Another very good question. I sighted one today, and he was alone, with a ladder, and a bucket, and a scrub brush, and presumably some kind of scraper although I didn't see it deployed. His presence, along with the questionable twice-frozen wheatpaste I was using, made me seriously consider whether I should bother pasting anything today. I lurked inconspicuously until he finished the telephone pole he was cleaning up in order to see which way he would go, then I headed in the opposite direction in hopes of not get my stuff scraped off the same day I was hanging it. It appears that at least a couple things escaped his insidious scraper for the time being.

3. What happens if the owner of a wall shows up while you are pasting something on it?

A question of most critical importance, probably possessing many answers. I got one answer today as I was pasting something on some plywood in front of a construction site, a spot I have already hit before both with posters and spray paint. A guy holding a young child asked me who had given me permission to put up my poster, and I answered truthfully that nobody had. He told me I couldn't put it there. I asked him if he was the owner and he said yes. I went to peel off the poster and then he said what is that anyways? and I answered it's just art. So he told me to forget about it and go ahead. Thanks dude!

4. Do I look silly walking around with a plastic stool along with my bucket of wheatpasting stuff?

Yes, you do. But it allows you to paste things higher up.


A.L.R. said...

This post confuses me. What exactly is wheat pasting? Are you doing some sort of graffiti? What's the story behind that?

markuza said...

Ah- sounds like you need some background- try here. I do graffiti too and other fun stuff, there are posts about that as well.

markuza said...

oh yeah you should look at as well

A.L.R. said...

That's really bitchen dude. What an interesting hobby. There are street artist communities. Who knew?

Hey, I want to see more of your stuff. I'm looking for some cool ways to spice up my little apartment. If you ever feel like doing your thing on my walls, my doors are open!

markuza said...

I have tons of pictures here: Decorating your apartment sounds like an awesome idea!

A.L.R. said...

Ahhh, Mark, I checked out the site. That is really sweet man. I'm a bit of an artist myself, but I mostly stick to drawing tattoos. I think it's a really interesting concept though, decorating public spaces. And I've been noticing that Salvador has some really groovy stuff!

I would lovvvvve to decorate my apartment. I kinda live in the ghetto, and if you've caught my vids than you can tell that my place is really small. There is not a ton of wall space, but there is a good spot to drop some work in the kitchen.

When I moved in, this place was bare bones. I really like the idea of taking an ugly slum apartment and turning it into something artistically beautiful.

Where's your sprain paint man!

markuza said...

'Sprain paint' eh? Doesn't sound pleasant... As for spray paint, I ain't got no budget these days, so if you want a painting in your kitchen, which sounds like a great idea, we will need to... converse. I know from favelas so no worries there. Wheatpaste I can do for free and have various options ready for wall mounting.

AkuTyger said...

Ho hum, everyone having fun without me...

markuza said...

awww... you'll be back before you know it!! FWIW I'm totally jealous of your down-time by the pool.