Monday, September 22, 2008

First Sale

Here comes another PowerPost™... maybe I should just switch to twitter...

So I found out today that one of my shirts got sold - the first sale of MarkuzArtes Limited, Brazil!


He told me he sold it to a French Graffiteiro who was here for the graffiti event. Thanks dude- you the man! Now I gotta figure out which one he was.

So here's the thing- I owe the guy who sold it cash for something else, so I was going to ask him to give me one Real (Brazilian dollar) and keep the rest- the one Real being my first income, I was gonna do the cheesy diner thing and put it in a frame and hang it proudly on the wall. Was gonna? Am gonna! I have not aborted the plan. But here's the thing- Evani tells me that the superstition here in Brazil is you have to keep all the money you make on the first sale, so I have to collect the money, then pay back my debt with physically different money. Sounds good to me.

Nice little lead-in to the craft fair. Which I have too much to do to prepare for. Would like to push it back a week, but don't think that's going to happen.

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