Sunday, September 21, 2008

Random Items

Since I seem to be having trouble getting a nice chunk of time and proper headspace for blog entries (I generally need an hour and nothing more important to do), I'm going to do a PowerPost™ of a couple random items and be done with it.

Item 1

A few postcard requests have been rolling in, which is cool- I sent off three cards to the United States last week- one to a class of high school art students. Yeah! A few days ago I checked my email and there was a new one- from Azerbaijan. I thought this was very cool, but I also suspect it might be a prank. What the hell- I'll send the postcard, and maybe I'll ask them to send me a photo of it with something Azerbaijan-y in the background.

Item 2

I'm getting ready to participate in a craft fair, I'm signed up to have a table next weekend. This is one of the topics I have been hoping to write a post about, but haven't gotten to yet. Yesterday I was setting up a table to do some screenprinting, and Lucas decided he was going to paint a motorcycle on the underwear we had found under the couch when we moved it... So of course I let him. He wanted to paint it red but I encouraged him to add some yellow as it looked like a big bloody mess. Here he is, painting the motorcycle:

Item 3

Here's my latest shirt:

Item 4

Street art, wheatpaste, graffiti- it continues. And the election is in TWO WEEKS which means lots of wall space opening up even if I don't have cash for paint... More topics that were intended to be full-blown posts- the fact that I'm taking my first class in 15 years or so, in graffiti, and the first international graffiti event just happened last week, and I didn't really participate at all. It's a long story. Or not.

Item 5

I gotta go to BED

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A.L.R. said...

Item 6

Cool t-shirts man. Good luck at the fair.