Saturday, September 6, 2008

Three Mice

I'm going to break my blogfast with a little poem:

I bought three mice today,
today I bought three mice

No, that's too limericky...

Today I bought three mice
Two USB, and one PS2
One with a little ball
And two optical.

I know that seems like a lot
But I had just one that worked
And four places that needed them.

One for the laptop upstairs
And one for the laptop downstairs
And one for the upstairs laptop when it's at the office
And one for the Old Dinosaur.

I know that seems like a lot
But my three computers
Do three different things.

One speaks Portuguese
Which makes it family friendly
And now it has a Portuguese keyboard
And an old fashioned mouse with a ball
Because optical mice
Don't work
On the glass table

Where it sits.

One is The Dinosaur, and it runs IE6
To test
And it still has
Most of my music collection
On it.

The computer I ordered
From the internet cafe
On my first visit to Brazil
In the last days
Of 2001.

The last one is Whitevolt
My classy snazzy Macbook

Which does everything else.
It can run two operating systems
At the same time.

Now I have four keyboards
And four mice
To go with my three computers
Two of which already have built in keyboards
And trackpads.

I know that seems like a lot
But I bought the cheapest ones I could find
There's not a cordless one in the bunch
And if they fall on the floor
They'll probably break.

Please don't tell my neighbors
That I have all this hardware.

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A.L.R. said...

hahahah....I know how this goes. We're really computer savvy in my fam, and usually have a dozen laptops, and music servers, and auxiliary hardware lying around. I worry about my Brazilian neighbors too as I would be useless if my comps got lifted.