Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful Boy

I just had the strangest experience, not five minutes ago.

Lucas, who had been sleeping, woke up and half-sleepwalked into my office. I took him back to bed and read him a book and sang what was my number one bedtime song for him- 'This Old Man.' It worked, and he slept again. I laid there for a bit with his head on my chest, stroking his hair. It was very pleasant. Then I got up, and looked down at him.

I have never felt that Lucas looks much like me. That's not a bad thing, he's a beautiful kid. He's got a crazy mix of genes in there and it looks like they've combined in an extremely complimentary fashion. I always figured he would start to look more like me when he gets bigger, and develops the notorious Pfohl body type- long torso, short legs, sloping shoulders. I guess it's possible it's not in the mix, but I bet he gets it eventually.

I don't know if it was because of my stroking it, but there was a patch of his hair where the curls had loosened up and come almost completely out, so his hair was practically straight, as straight as mine. One thing Lucas does have just like me is the color of his hair- not the hair I had as a kid, which was super blond, but the dark ash-blond I've had since adolescence. So there I was, gazing in wonder at this one part of his head, which for the first time looked exactly like mine.

I think I'll go have another look.


Leo said...

I always wondered how odd it would be to make a living, breathing baby, and one that is all mini-me like, that shares my genes. Yes, it would be strange.

Those pictures are disturbing.

AkuTyger said...

I like the cyclops father and son.

Ju looks more and more like his dad everyday. There are little details that leave one with out a doubt who the father is. They have identical feet, identical ears, the way they spread their fingers is the same, they both stick their big toes strait up in the air at random moments, the build seems like it will be the same, except on my small frame. I hope Ju doesn't start chewing his tongue while he thinks.

markuza said...

leo- maybe one day you'll find out ha ha ha haaaaaa... as for the pictures, I think the first rather brilliantly illustrates our differences, while the second illustrates our similarities (ie hair color). Plus I like taking really wacky pictures.

akutyger- yeah, after we did that Lucas said he wanted to do another "one eye" picture... you can see my hand holding his little bulicoso head in place.

Hmmm... chews on his tongue... you may have noticed I didn't include any potentially embarrassing characteristics Lucas may have inherited... this of course because there aren't any ;-) Btw I _can't_ stick my big toe straight up in the air, at least without all the others coming along for the ride