Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Recently an old high school friend of mine sent me a friend request on Facebook. This is always fun. I had planned a big old "Golly Gee" blog post about Facebook and MySpace and how I found all these old friends of mine, but it never happened. I reckon too many of you are finding this out for yourselves for this to be interesting.

Anyhow, this particular old friend also runs a recording studio and about twelve years ago he helped record a demo tape of a band I used to play bass in called Big Fat Lie. We were a big, crunchy, noisy power trio with more of a rapper than a singer. The lyrics were political and at times we were silly. We did the recording a couple years before the advent of recordable CD's and MP3's, so for the longest time I had only a cassette tape of the demo. Unfortunately, I have never had a cassette player that can do it justice, so I have not heard these tunes at all for a long time.

We were a lazy band and although we practiced regularly twice a week we rarely did shows. I can't help thinking that if digital recording technology had been a bit more advanced and we could have burned 50 CD's and sent them out to clubs and radio stations and such things might have been different. But that was impossible. Eventually we all decided to do different things and the band broke up. This is doubly unfortunate because we were 'active' in the Northampton, MA music scene at the time the rumors were flying that it was going to be the next Seattle, which of course it wasn't.

So when my producer/engineer friend became my Facebook buddy, I asked him about those old tapes and if they were still kicking around. He said he'd take a look. A few weeks later, having totally forgotten about it, lo and behold I get an email with a link- to all our songs, zipped up and posted on

Digital versions at last!

After a thank you email, I downloaded the files and checked out the songs- in full digital glory, as I had not heard them since we made the original tapes. Something about them really surprised me.

They weren't that bad.

I mean, if you like that kind of metal/hardcore/rap stuff it's not bad. Probably a bit old fashioned at this point but I'm too matured and wizened to worry about stuff like that.

You can have a listen, if you are feeling brave: just click the button in the middle of the cassette. I finally figured out how to upload the stuff to my MySpace page- true to the garish and obnoxious nature of that site the tape starts playing as soon as you load it!

Music Playlist at

PS I don't play music anymore, not even Capoeira music these days...


J said...

One of the best metal/hardcore/rap bands I've ever heard!

michelle said...

Awesome! I would totally sleep with the singer...oh, wait...

markuza said...

J, Michelle-

Thanks! You folks wouldn't be biased or anything, would you?? And Michelle, aren't you concerned about the fact that he keeps screaming?

A.L.R. said...

Mark, you're my hero. You guys were hardcore.

markuza said...

ALR - ha ha- after reading your last blog post I thought you might enjoy that!