Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: Ready or Not, Here We Come

Happy New Year everybodeeeeeee!!!

2009.  And I'm ushering in the new year somewhat wobble-illy from too much champagne last night.  At least I'm not shut up in a dark room with a pounding head and a bucket at close range.  Evani woke up with a migraine so of the two of us I'd say she got the raw deal.

Last night we did the same thing we did the year before, which was go to Amaralina beach and meet up with my Welsh friends and their Brazilian friends.  This time Ruan did not fall in the ocean and Lucas was not scared of the fireworks.  We could see at least three different sets of fireworks from where we sat, one on either side of us and then another much more substantial display (probably in Barra) peeking up over the skyline from time to time.  Evani's sisters, who were to join us with their kids, copped out at the last minute, but Ruan's aunt Joelma, who can't seem to skip a party, was with us.  Ruan drank some champagne and suffered the consequences, he also got an asthma attack which was a reprise from last year.

As I said last year, I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve and I have very low expectations for it.  That being said, I had an excellent time, which I think says a lot for low expectations.  Then again, something has to be quite amiss in order to not have fun on a beautiful beach on a beautiful night with your family and friends watching fireworks.  And I'm pleased to say that nothing was.

So how about those resolutions?  I am resolute about not making resolutions, but I would like to write up a list of all the things I have started and not finished, or am planning to do and have not yet started.  I would like to break this into several categories, including home improvement projects (install the fan in the kitchen, fix the slate on the patio), art related projects (finish the drawing of the trio eletrico that I started so I can make it into shirts), work related objectives (learn javascript, php, and ajax), and then maybe some other more whimsical categories just for fun.  Once the list is completed, I will have absolutely no obligation to complete anything on it (that would make it too much like a resolution) but at least I'll have it all clarified and ordered and out of my jumbled brain.

The best thing about making lists is crossing items off them.  I have known people who make tidy little check boxes next to their list items, so they can put tidy little check marks in them when they are completed.  Me, I like to SCRIBBLE OUT and OBLITERATE my list items because when they are DONE they are DONE and I have freed myself of one more thing I have to do.

So today marks an anniversary- I have now been writing this blog for one whole year.  I am quite pleased about this- when I started it I was fully prepared for the possibility that I would just stop writing it about three months in.  I've slowed down at various points, and speeded up at others, but I've got over 100 posts to show for my efforts and I think that's pretty cool.  I have no book contracts and I have a pretty small readership, but that's okay.  I have some close friends and family who keep track of what I'm up to, which was something I didn't really expect when I started (duh), and I've also made some friends and had some interesting contacts as a result of writing it.  And my blog is now recognized as one of the pre-eminent English language blogs out of Salvador, Bahia!  Don't ask me by whom.

Honestly, when I started this blog I wasn't even sure I wanted people to know about it, at least not my family and friends.  Or anybody.  Websites and blogs can essentially be private things if you don't do anything to promote them. I have maintained vague ambitions of writing a book for about ten years now and, finding myself living a crazy and interesting life, discovered I had something to write about.  This blog was initially intended to be live notes for that book, and if anyone wanted to read along then that was okay.  In this respect the blog has been a tremendous success.  I could print out all these pages (and that is something I really need to do, I'll put it on my list) and, you know, stick them in a binder or something and hey presto, it's my very own book!  Not exactly what I had conceived originally, but much better than nothing.  Certainly this is the most substantial creative writing project I've ever undertaken.  I imagine Lucas some day reading these posts, when he's grown up, and learning about what a terribly conflicted and sometimes amusing person his father was at this point in his life.

I have always had a hard time writing 'diaries' and 'journals' because I was always very self-conscious about other people reading them.  Which reminds me- whenever I find those old journals they must be BURNED.  Not that it would make a big fire, all my previous journal-keeping efforts petered out pretty quickly.  Writing a blog takes care of the self-consciousness problem because everything goes public in a way I never could have imagined when I was a morose teenager writing out my self-pitying prose back in the day.  Of course, one must click the 'Publish Post' button, something I sometimes never get around to doing...

Okay, enough navel gazing.  Thanks for reading along and forgive me if I start to repeat myself in the posts to come.  I resolve to get the kids out of the house for a couple of hours today once I resolve this wooziness issue.  I wish you all a happy new year and all the best in everything.




Mei said...

One of my most disturbing memories of '08 is finding all of my journals from high school. I recycled them, and I do mean curbside!

Mrs. S said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 brings you all happiness and blessings!

michelle said...

Happy Blogiversary! I for one look forward to reading anything you write, and not just because you're a friend. Your writing is interesting, funny, introspective and enjoyable. Do keep it up!-M

AkuTyger said...

How'd you get so famous? I've been blogging for 5 years! Boo!

markuza said...

Thanks everybody! And Aku Tyger- yeah, what I meant was I think there are four of us that fit in that category... so by that measure I am one of the most famous... maybe...