Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So What Does Kuza Mean, Anyways?

Well, funny you should ask.

In my teeny tiny universe, 'Kuza' is short for 'Markuza,' my self-designated nickname, and how I sign most of my graffiti. I discovered that if one googles 'kuza graffiti' it comes up with lots of results for, you know, me.

I also knew it was a surname from somewhere in Eastern Europe. I should really figure out where exactly. I also almost didn't use this nickname because it rhymes a bit too easily with a certain filthy part of the anatomy, but I decided not to be so junior high about it.

But this was really great- I googled just the word 'kuza' and came up with this page:


which shows the meaning of the word in various languages.

In several it means come

In one it means go (Runyankore, the language of contrarians)

In Taabwa it means RAT

But the best of all is Swahili, in which it means:

flourishing, exalt, big, dense, enlarge, foster, glorify, grow, increase, lush, praise, rear, educate, and develop.

Thank you, Swahili!

Just to prove that I still paint graffiti, here's a picture of an eight foot finger that I painted just the other day. Problem is, I painted it at my house, so it's not really graffiti. But you get the idea.

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markuza said...

According to the urban dictionary online (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Kuza), kuza means:

1. The epitome of all perfection. 2.To have WILD animal sexual intercourse for more than 7 hours.

how about that!!