Sunday, February 8, 2009

Infantil 4

Lucas goes back to school tomorrow.

That's right, it's the end of summer vacation here in Brazil, at least for the private school kids. Lucas gets to go back for just over a week of school before he gets a week's vacation for Carnaval. Ruan, who will be going back to public school, gets only two or three days of classes before his first break.

I'm quite happy about classes starting up again, even if it is only for four hours a day (a normal school day for both private and public students here). Both of the kids have been bouncing off the walls here at the house. Lucas has been breaking up what little schedule I manage to maintain, as I try to make up for his lack of peers to play with and yards to play in by getting on the floor and helping Batman beat up Superman or whatever else he feels like doing. Starting tomorrow, not only will he get time to interact with kids his own age, he'll also go back to a more sane sleeping schedule, and we can all try to catch a ride on that train and be slightly more normal people once again.

Yesterday I went out and bought Lucas a new backpack, with wheels, and a nice shiny panel on the front with three of his best friends on it: the aforementioned Batman and Superman, and the eternal runner-up (popularity-wise that is) Flash. He got very excited about that, and about his new yellow school shorts (last year they were red, the year before orange). But the truth is he's more apprehensive about starting classes than I had expected.

Yesterday we walked by his school after playing at the playground and I pointed it out to him and said "What's that?" and he said "My school," but then quickly followed that up with "But that's not my school anymore."


"You said that Pro(fessora) Paula won't be my teacher anymore, so that won't be my school anymore."

"No, Lucas, I said that she won't be your teacher anymore, and that you are going to a new classroom, but not a different school."

This has apparently caused some turmoil for him. This is the second year he is going back to school, so he has some experience with the changing of classrooms and the continuation of friendships. He also has experience with the disappearance of old friends, and old teachers that he was fond of. The number of kids who disappeared from his class last year surprised me quite a bit too. When I was growing up there was always a new kid or two, and one or two who moved away, but it was largely the same group year after year.

Tonight he surprised me by interrupting a reading of his current favorite book in order to tell me that he didn't want to go back to that school. He told me he wanted to go to a different school, with Pepeu, who was one of the kids who changed schools last year. Lucas hasn't seen Pepeu for over a year, and I didn't think they were that close. It sounds like he's pretty upset that Pro Paula won't be teaching him anymore- all the kids love Pro Paula. Lucas is getting old enough to understand that things won't be like they were before, and he's not sure what they will be like, and he's not happy about it. I told him most of his old friends would be back again but some of them might not be, and he informed me that none of them would be there. They had all changed schools.

It broke my heart. I'm enormously relieved that he is going to continue at this school, and I'm sure that these pre-school, preschool jitters he is experiencing would pale in comparison to what he would be going through if he did in fact have to change schools. Apparently Pepeu hated his new school- I still see his parents around. If (and/or when) the global economic crisis washes over me I may be forced to withdraw him and find a cheaper place for him to study. But I'm going to do everything I can to keep him there as long as possible.

I think he'll be fine again five minutes into his school day tomorrow.


Corinne said...

I can totally relate. My son started his 3 year of daycare (he is 26 months old) and even though almost all his classmates returned and he had one of the same teachers, he is having a really hard time adapting. It is a new building and classroom and I leave a screaming, crying kid in the morning, which just tears my heart out. I guess as they get older they can comprehend better the scariness of "new". Just hope it gets better soon and I hope Lucas adapts better than Kevin.

markuza said...

Well here's hoping it all goes smoothly- I only had to change school twice (except for college) and it was pretty traumatic for me, which might be why I am so sensitive about it. My poor stepson has had to change schools far too many times, but he doesn't seem very affected by it.

Art House Queen said...

I changed schools about 4 times by the time I was in High School (private to public, moving etc.) Even though I pretty much lived around the same neighborhoods, I really hated the feeling of being new. However, I think it's really helped me in the long run.

Sometimes I do get kinda envious of my friends who can say that they've had the same friends since they were in grade school, but in the long run, I think having to learn how to adapt really helped me when I went to college and now, as I am in the work force.

Also, I have two older brothers, a younger sister and a twin sis that I could play with when I was feeling I think that it's a plus that your son has a brother.

markuza said...

Thanks AHQ- maybe I'm just being an overprotective parent... I definitely see your point- I have moved and set myself up in new places several times as an adult and it has been a good 'character building' experience. It is good that Lucas has his brother to play with, but like me and my brother, sometimes it seems like they do more fighting than playing :)