Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday is Graffiti Day

I had better luck this time.

This was painted a short distance from my house, in a spot I'd been eyeing for some time. I had originally planned to paint a companion to the guy sitting in the chair (painted by some anonymous graffiteiro), but as so often happens I had a flash of inspiration earlier in the week that trumped all my previous schemes. Like so many of my pieces, this was done from a 30 second sketch.

This guy has a great spot- he gazes out over the ocean, and he's right across the street from the Museum of Modern Art. He's located right by a traffic light, so lots of people will get to check him out as they wait for the light to change. He also has the company of a few of Salvador's biggest names in graffiti and street art:

Bel Borba, whose tile mosaic work is all over the place,

and Limpo and Peace, two of the most prolific and abstract graffiteiros here in the city. Limpo, as I've mentioned before, is directly responsible for me getting into this scene. Unfortunately, he's moving to Sweden soon.

I painted this in the blazing sun, luckily I remembered my hat and sunblock this time. The most time consuming aspect of this piece was the latex undercoat, which took forever to apply to the unfinished concrete surface. Nobody bothered me, one homeless guy said "Oi, pintor!" which means "Hey painter!" but beyond that I got no comments except for those on Facebook, where I posted a photo.

I never had ambitions to do stencil work, but once again I was inspired and I made two on Friday. I had thought to go out and stencil up the town today, but I think I'll wait until next week- yesterday was a good day.

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AkuTyger said...

I'm finally going to get to see some of your work then, at least I know where this one is!