Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Three Things

Three big things happened today.

The first was probably the most important- I got a call from Evani's cousin, now my accountant, who told me that my new company, MarkuzArtes, is finally official after many months of bureaucracy and nonsense. This is great for several reasons, not least of which that I can now get a business rate for my health insurance, and hopefully reduce my most onerous monthly payment. Hurrah!

The next item was the most alarming: Shortly after Ruan left for school today, he called me collect from a pay phone, crying. He'd just had his cell phone stolen by a guy who threatened to knife him if he didn't hand it over quick. There's probably a couple of you reading this that remember that this almost happened last year, but Ruan didn't have a cell phone at that point. Well, the good news is that he had two this year, so he still has one. But he reeeealy liked this one that got stolen. It had a camera. His dad gave it to him. And plus the guy scared the shit out of him. He had developed the habit, annoyingly popular around here, of playing mp3's over the speaker rather than the headphones, with the phone in his pocket. Apparently this makes him feel cool. Evani and I had both warned him that this was a bad idea and if he got his phone stolen that way it was his own fault. He claims he wasn't listening to it when it was taken, not that I think he'd admit it if he was. If he was, hopefully he learned a couple lessons- not least of which being that Evani and I know what we are talking about at least part of the time.

To make him feel better, I offered to to take him to the movies, which he's been bugging me to do for a while. We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens, the 3D version, with Lucas. Lucas, the lucky guy, has only seen two movies in the theater and one of them was 3D.

It was during the movie that I got the third big item for the day. I was watching the movie and thoroughly enjoying myself, tripping out on the amazing 3D effects, which were the best I've ever seen. And I've seen a fair number of 3D movies- when I was a kid we went and saw Creature From The Black Lagoon and I saw an awful movie called Parasite or something that completely terrified me. I even saw a 3D porn flick at a midnight showing at some hip movie house in Chicago, the same place I saw my first Ren and Stimpy cartoon.

So anyways we're watching this movie and suddenly Ruan says to me "I don't see anything. It all looks normal to me." I immediately flashed to a story I heard on NPR about a month ago, about people who don't have stereo vision. If I remember correctly, the guy reporting the story had no depth perception because he had a lazy eye as a kid. Ruan doesn't have that, but when we took him to the eye doctor she informed us that he has a defect in one of his eyes that he's had since birth, and his vision is very limited in that eye. I remember getting the 'grab the wings of the fly' test in school (it was mentioned in the NPR story too), but apparently they don't do that here. So it's back to the eye doctor for him.


lovelydharma said...

Hey that's great news about your business. Why did it take so long to register? Is it sem fins lucrativos?

Sorry about Ruan's cell phone. That habit of playing the mp3's over the speaker phones drives me nuts. Glad he wasn't hurt. If he's a good kid and deserves a second chance on one, check out mecardo livre. We do a lot of buying and selling of stuff there and usually get nearly half off of store prices.

markuza said...

Well currently there are no 'fins lucrativos' but I hope that will change soon enough... as for why it took so long, I guess because... I live... in Bahia?

I've been thinking that the cell-phone-speaker-thing is kind of like aural peacock feathers, since the practice seems to be limited to men and is essentially a way to 'se mostrar.' Luckily Ruan has another cell phone that we got him for Christmas! I actually boycott Mercado Livre because of a bad experience I had with them.

AkuTyger said...

Yeah, that cell phone habit is annoying, always music blasted out of crappy speakers wandering back and forth across my windows all day. Sorry to hear about Ruan though.

Erika said...

I just like your blog and your interminable spirit. As an ex expat who plans to return (and has several friends who have married into Salvadorian life) it's refreshing to see the realities that can be impossible to explain to first worlders.
I hope your family continues to fare well, e boa sorte com tudos tamben!

markuza said...

AkuTyger- Doesn't that drive you crazy?? It seems that most of us expats are bothered by the annoying cell phone thing.

Erika- thanks for reading! And how does one have several friends that married into the life of the Soterpolitano? Did you meet them here? Welcome back, in advance.