Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chainsaws After Midnight

It's two AM and I can hear two chainsaws running from my house. They've been at it, not continuously, but steadily, for almost two hours. Presumably some tree blew over with the crazy wind we have been having. Presumably it was a big tree as well, since they've been doing it for so long.

I really hope it wasn't one of the big almond trees in the largo, but I can't imagine what else would cause this much sawing at this hour. It's all I can do to keep from throwing on some street clothes and checking it out. I'm not going to, because if it is one of those big trees I'll be too bummed out to sleep.

The first time I was here in Brazil I walked through the largo where I now live, and what struck me about it was all the nice trees it had growing here. More than half of those got chopped down as part of the big, disastrous renovation they did, and I reckon the other half will go the same way if they ever get the cash together to renovate that half of the largo. On the upside, they did plant new trees, which will eventually be big and beautiful as well. And apparently as part of the renovation they budgeted a full-time gardener as there is a guy with really short arms who is always tending to the greenery.

Almond trees are the perfect shade tree- they have huge leaves, and low, spreading branches. The two that we have here in the largo predate the renovation by many years. And they provide almost all of the existing shade in the largo. If they're gone I'm gonna cry.


AkuTyger said...

Our Algarobas are falling down here too, because of the rain. We lost two so far. The street is named for them, so it's very sad.

Maris said...

Hi Markuza,
Thanks for your blog, cara! Please keep writing, so I can 'matar meus saudades do Brasil'. I like that you don't exaggerate many of the expat blogs I have read. Instead, you tell it like it is...poop bag and all. Oh, and I liked that first big painting with the 2 snakes you did (the one that broke apart). Yeah, that was definately my fav.

markuza said...

AkuTyger- thanks, that was was the kind of tree it was, but I didn't know the name! I hope to do a followup post about that...

Maris- obrigado- do keep reading, I'm sporadic but I'm stubborn so I don't plan on giving up. I think I just sent you a postcard via if you're living out there I can see why you might have some saudades pra matar! Glad you like the graffiti too- it's time to paint some more snakes :)