Sunday, May 10, 2009

Laughter: The Best Medicine, Until it Starts to Hurt

I've been wanting to write a post about the rain, as it appears all my other expat blogger colleagues have done over the last week, and hopefully I will do so before the urgency passes- it didn't rain much today, but it has almost non-stop for two weeks, so the urgency may not pass anytime soon.

What I am going to write about, briefly, are the two laugh attacks I had today- two! in one day! I haven't laughed this hard since... I stopped using drugs... which was a long time ago.

Maybe it was the drear and misery of all the rain that set me up for the giggles. Maybe I just got lucky. I love to laugh, but I literally laughed so hard that both times I ended up in pain, and I woke up my wife to boot.

The first attack was brought on by an absolutely ridiculous slapstick moment that really won't tell very well- I'm already chuckling again but I really don't expect you to find it funny. I was bouncing Lucas' inflatable Superman on my knee and singing 'trit trot to Boston' when Lucas came up and belted Superman so hard in the head that he went flying. I'm tearing up. I've really got to go to bed. I went into paroxysms of laughter- not the loud, hooting kind, but the crying, silent kind where you can't even breathe anymore. It became a problem: I couldn't control myself and I couldn't breathe and my chest hurt and I got all wheezy.

The second attack happened because I watched President Obama's speech at the White House Correspondent's Dinner. If you've seen it, you know why I enjoyed it, if not, please watch it. If you don't think it's funny then I can't help you. I was trying to watch it quietly in bed with headphones on, because Evani was sleeping, but I got laughing so hard that the whole mattress was bouncing up and down and I had to flee the room. I watched the whole thing and some parts of it a couple times, and by the end I was trying to surpress myself because every time I started laughing my head would start pounding.

Man that was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to laugh that hard every day. I could do without the pain- I can't remember laughter actually causing me pain since I broke my ribs in a motorcycle accident and read Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson. However, if I had to choose laughing with pain, versus not laughing without pain, I think I'd choose the former. Unless the pain was reealy bad.


Stephanie said...

hehehe I laughed at the Correspondent's Dinner too...more of a chuckle though :) glad you enjoyed it!

Pedra said...

Well I just watched part one and was laughing till I was crying when he talked about Hilary coming back from Mexico and giving him a big hug. Ha!

Miss you-