Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Where'd the Pictures Go?

Hey hey- my apologies- I decided to restrict a bunch of my content on Flickr, and it screwed up a lot of the photos on this blog as a result. It might take me a while to straighten it out, so bear with me! For those of you who are friends and family and are not Flickr contacts of mine, be sure to add me if you want to continue to look at pictures of the family and charming pictures of me with my belly hanging out.


Maris said...

I just recieved your postcard in the mail. Very cool! Was beginning to think that it was lost, so it was a bit of a shock.
I am helping to organize a 24 hour graffiti show here in St. John's NL that will take place next week. It should be something very new, as graffiti has been traditionally frowned upon in this city.
Oh, I wanted to say Happy Birthday as well! I loved birthdays in they were always such a bigger deal than the ones in Canada. I remember one year the family that I was living with hired a loud car to come to the door and play music in the early morning to wake me up. The neighbors all came out and didn't seemed pissed off at all to be woken up by this crazy birthday car. Pretty nice.
Thanks for keeping me connected to daily life in Brazil. I like to hear how people are making it work in that country where I've always felt anything was possible. Oh ya, and are you still practicing capoeira?
Have a skol beer for me!

markuza said...

Oi Maris,

Glad you finally got your card! The graffiti event sounds awesome- take some pictures and post them somewhere, I'd like to see them. I had a few skols last night, maybe I can put your name on one of them. And unfortunately no, I'm not training Capoeira right now. Hopefully I'll get back to it at some point...