Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gay Pride and Fake Fossils

Right now the Gay Pride Parade is happening within earshot of where I am sitting. I think it was in 2003 when I was living close to where I am now I heard what was obviously a trio electrico nearby and I went to check it out- it was an earlier incarnation of the same event, with three trios and maybe a thousand people present. Twenty minutes and it had gone by. It has grown almost exponentially since then, and there are supposedly 12 trios today and many thousands of people I'm sure, I haven't gone out to have a look although I probably will in a little while. My wife loves these parades, and she's out there with a gaggle of friends having a blast I'm sure. It's like a little flash of Carnaval out of season.

Yesterday I went out and did a drawing with my paint markers right by the Mercado Modelo, one of the major tourist traps here in the city. I don't have a picture of it yet. As I was finishing up the drawing, I took a look at the pile of rubble next to me. These piles are quite common, as whenever someone does work in their house, they tend to produce great quantities of busted up concrete and tile and so forth- generally folks just find a place to dump it and it's not their problem anymore. I assumed that was what this pile was, and I was right, to a point. Thing was, there were some odd smoothed stones mixed in, flat on one side. I took a look and they appear to be fossils, mostly of fish. My first instinct was that they had to be fakes, but if they are, they are quite well done. And if they aren't, why were they just thrown away like that? I am sure they aren't worth anything, but I took a few of the best ones just because they were intriguing. Have a look and tell me if you think they are real. Click on the images to see the whole thing.

Now I think I'll go have a look at the craziness going on outside.

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