Friday, October 23, 2009

I Really Don't Like Ants

Well, after a week of a malfunctioning refrigerator that didn't want to cool things off anymore and lots of annoying phone calls with unreliable and overpriced service persons, and hours of wasted time, and a large chunk of money gone, we now have a functioning fridge again.

What was the problem?

You guessed it...


Ants in the motherboard.

Let me say right now that unless you really need something that has silicon chips in it... in other words if you have the option to buy something without them, get the non-chip version. The next chunk of money I am going to throw away is for a new motherboard/control panel for our blender/food processor thingie, which wasn't damaged by ants, mostly by juice.

These big honkin' ants we have in our kitchen have given us various problems, but this is by far the most costly one yet. I've pulled out cabinets and thrown out food and even swatted them with newspapers. If I wasn't so reticent to use insecticides this might never have happened, I may not be so reticent in the future.

The bonehead 'technician' that finally replaced the control panel in the fridge pulled the thing off this evening and hundreds of ants poured out- ants, and eggs, and ants with wings, and even little new ants that didn't appear to have chitined up yet.

They're mostly dead now. I don't like to kill things if I can avoid it, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Ants and electronics don't mix- take my word for it!


Stephanie said...

Alright...that blows.

I seriously HATE the ants here. Big or small, they seem to inhabit EVERYTHING. They drive me crazy. And I am never hesitant to use bug spray. Between the ants and the mosquitos, I may just go ballistic.

markuza said...

You know, you reminded me that I was going to expound more on the ants in this post. We have at least three kinds in our house: the teeny, tiny harmless ones, the larger biting ones which are the worst, and then these huge ones that have infested our kitchen. I met a guy once who said that if you added up all the mass of all the ants in the world, it would equal the mass of all the people in the world. Which is impressive. But did you know that if you add up all the people in the world, they will easily fit within a cubic mile? Seems like not a lot of people to cause such widespread destruction across the surface of an entire planet.

As for mosquitoes, don't hate us, but we really don't have them here in Salvador in any great quantities. Admittedly, we have enough so that dengue is a constant threat, but not so they buzz around our heads all night long, in spite of our lack of screens on anything. Brazilians don't seem to use screens much as far as I can tell... Of course, the relative lack of mosquitoes is probably due to the relative presence of air pollution so you win some, you lose some.

Fabio Bossard said...

Oh ants, there many of them where I live. The teeny ones, the tiny and the big ones. The big ones are curious, they only come out at night, but I guess the don't bite. what surprised me as well. I should go and research about them.

markuza said...

You're right, the big ones do only come out at night. I wonder why. But they are the refrigerator destroyers too.