Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Another Thursday

Here it is, Thursday, end of November, and I keep having to remind myself that somewhere else in the world it's a big holiday.

It's kinda funny actually, because the first Thanksgiving that I missed out on was because of a Capoeira workshop I went to in Montreal, one of my first major brushes with Brazilian culture. Ultimately it was Capoeira that brought me to Brazil, and, as they say, the rest is history.

Capoeira's gone, I stayed, and still I miss Thanksgiving. I've tried to improvise a feast here a couple times, but I can't get real excited about a turkey that's got MSG injected under the skin, and there are no other varieties available, at least not that I've been able to track down. Not to mention the complete lack of cranberry anything, and you can't get a bag of stuffing at the supermarket. If I was a more inspired cook I'm sure I could get something together, but this year I'm stressed out and I've got a nasty cold, so since I'm the only one who cares, I'm just gonna let it slide.

But I do have to keep reminding myself, so I remember to call my family later on. Last year I called them all at one of my brother's houses who actually has broadband, and Skype, so I was treated to all of them on my computer screen at once, staring at me expectantly as I sat there with a stupid grin and tried to contain Lucas who was going wild in the background. I believe this year there are all in a broadband-less house, which is a relief, as it means I don't have to endure another edition of the Mark Pfohl Show.

Cough, cough- Evani says we are singing a duet, or I am her echo, as we both have these dry, hacking coughs. By some miracle, we are sick and the kids are not, a miracle I'm not sure is going to last. We are both on the mend which is always so nice- you never realize how pleasant it is to not cough all the time unless you've spent the last week coughing all the time.

The first year I spent here in Brazil I had one cold after another for almost the entire time. Between that, and the nearly constant intestinal battle I fought with the South American microbes, it's amazing I stayed. Actually, no matter how you cut it it's amazing I stayed, but here I am! Still! Missing countless holidays and snowfalls and whatnot. And now my body has thoroughly adjusted, so I have gone back to getting sick extremely rarely, and the food doesn't backfire on me.

I'm thankful for that- my health. And the family is healthy, beyond this cold, I'm thankful for that too. And we went to the supermarket today and bought a ton of food, even if we didn't make a huge meal. I'm thankful for that too.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Glad to hear that you had issues with health your first year. I swear I am sick ALL THE TIME. And the whole microbe thing too. Ah well. Glad to hear it gets better :)

I didnt do the Thanksgiving thing either...mainly because I dont know where to get anything and nobody gives a crap but me. But maybe next year! And Im thinking maybe I'll do something for Christmas...we'll see! Anyway...cheers to "just another Thursday"

markuza said...

Hey thanks Stephanie- yer awesome. And yeah, you'll get better- trust me! The mosquitoes... I can't say ;-) and Christmas does not go by the wayside.

Fabio Bossard said...

Hey Mark!
Nice post. Really touching. Happy Thanksgiving! I know how this holiday is important to Americans and spend it away from the people you grew up with sharing this special date must be difficult.
About the cold, you will get better soon...

markuza said...

Thanks Fabio!

Corinne said...

Thanksgiving is a hard one, and I have spent a bunch of them out of the US. Now I usually do the full out meal, but it is hard when you are the only one who cares (my husband thinks it is a lot of work for nothing :) ).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mei said...

I like having Thanksgiving here in the States now, although it's lonely for another reason: everyone's in Vermont but me!

My favorite thing about being with someone who doesn't know much about Turkey Day is that I can totally fudge. Example: I didn't serve turkey this year, but chicken. No complaints, because there are no expectations! Love it. Nobody's complaining that my potatoes aren't mom's.

markuza said...

Corrine- it is hard when you are the only one who cares. I did a partial participation of Earth Hour this year (I think I blogged about it) and trying to explain it to the family- they thought I was nuts.

Mei- you could take it to the next level- just make up all kind of fake traditions- like the person who makes the dinner doesn't have to cook again for a month- but you might not get away with it as you are in the US ;)

The Golden Papaya said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry you guys have the cough. We have it, too.