Friday, December 18, 2009

Infantil Cinco

He passed!

Now, of course, I can't believe I ever had any doubt. Here is the pertinent bit of his 'report card':

Lucas has acquired the skills necessary to proceed to Infantil V.

'Infantil V' being preschool for the five year olds. Here's a couple other choice bits written by his teacher:

(Lucas) is a boy who is clever, communicative, and friends with everyone.

And from a list of things he 'always says':

"Teacher, will you sit next to me today?"

I could go on and on- the proud papa. I like how she says he is very creative with the art projects. She does mention that he has trouble with the numbers from one to ten.

Although tired, and with other stuff I should be doing, I roused myself to make the following short film of an absolutely delightful document they assembled for us at the school: it is eleven drawings, glued side-by-side, one from each month of the past year. I love how it shows his progression from simple lines and squiggles to fully colored pages. My apologies for the atrociously bad production, including the shadows and my feet- I did take the time to swap out the soundtrack for one of YouTube's authorized tunes- the first on the list of instrumental cuts. But hey- I kinda like it!


Fabio Bossard said...

Yaaayyyyy! Congrats to Lucas and the proud daddy!

markuza said...

:) Thanks Fabio- and hey, how about that great video?

Troy said...

Hey, that might your best bit of production of photography of art, "As Art", lol... congrats!

Fabio Bossard said...

The video was cool!

Trini Airguns said...

Hi Markuza,
Great blog! I enjoy reading your posts. Very informative, especially for someone who has never been to Brazil (yet).

Have you met anyone from the Caribbean in Salvador? Have you ever heard of Caribbean people there? I'm curious, as I'd like to visit, but wouldn't want to come in 'cold'.

A Caribbean guide may just be the ticket.

Continue posting and I'd continue reading.

markuza said...

Hi Trinni, glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I haven't actually met anyone from the Caribbean here, although there is (or was) a Jamaican restaurant in the Pelourinho, not that that means anyone who worked there was actually from Jamaica :) Jamaican culture and specifically roots reggae is very popular here- less so other Caribbean cultural forms. Ironically, my brother and his family in Maine, USA are all very involved in a steel drumming group, way up in the frozen north!

Corinne said...

Congrats on Lucas passing to Infantil V. I have noticed that kids seem to get a lot of homework in Brazil, but it has not been our experience yet with preschool (my son is 3). In fact, I notice that I have done more early reading prep than the school (he knew his colors and alphabet from home before they started going over it in school). I don´t think that any differences in development should be blamed on bilingualism. That used to be the route justification, but now new evidences shows that kids do not develop slower learning 2 languages- in fact their critical thinking skills are enhanced by it. I would not worry about Lucas's development, each kid is different, although it is so hard not to compare. Just keep encouraging him and make learning fun. Parental interest makes all the difference. I see how much better a student my stepdaughter is for being raised by my sister-in-law (who is a teacher) compared to her cousins (whose parents don´t have the same involvement in their schooling).