Saturday, January 16, 2010

As We Hurtle Into Year Three

The People have been clamouring for an update... well, one person did, so I figure I better get off my duff and write something. I actually started a New Year's Day post and never published it, here's an excerpt:
Well, here it is, a brand new year, and like so many folks I went and tarnished it right off. Not badly tarnished, but I am feeling slightly less than well and have nobody to blame but myself. We spent the evening on one beach last night where I got surprisingly drunk from drinking a surprisingly small amount of alcohol, which I suppose is better than the alternative. Today we went to a different beach, where I got a bit overexposed but less inebriated. Evani was very happy about that as she usually...
Yeah, yeah, you get the idea. I went on to mention that I started this blog two years ago on New Year's day and if you don't believe me read it yourself.

So much has happened and things have been so chaotic that I think I'll just do short summaries to cover the salient points.


One thing I managed to complete was the shed roof my even-more-slacker-than-myself brother-in-law started but wasn't man enough to finish. I, apparently, was man enough, even though it took me forever as I did it in staggered bursts of an hour or two every three or four days over a period of several weeks. But it came out great!

This shed roof is part of my current grand scheme to create a most tiny workshop space where we used to hang our clothes to dry, and also to save my plants from their micro-climate hell of extreme heat and rain. Now the clothes can dry under the new roof, and the plants won't be so hot and/or wet anymore. Here's where my mini-workshop will be, it used to be roofed with transparent fiberglass panels, but I swapped them out myself, painted white for climate control:

When we started that project, I realized I really had to get a beam that was holding up an extremely heavy brick wall replaced, as its been cracking and looking dubious for a couple years now, so we got the only brother of Evani's who is worth his salt to do that. He 'finished' today, and I was a bit surprised that he also decided not to do the acabamento, or the finishing work. He said that was up to us. Well, at least he told us, instead of not showing up when he said he would like the other brother.

The Package

My Mom sent us a holiday package on December 5, express mail, which should have arrived in five business days. It got here on Monday, 24 business days later. At least it got here, I'd completely given up hope.

School Vacation

Poor kids. It's their vacation, and I'm broke, as usual, and scattered, also as usual, so they sit around doing nothing all day. Well, Ruan watches TV all day, which is all he does anyways, and Lucas bugs me all day to play with him, which makes me more scattered and more broke since I can't get any work done.

Old Office, New Office

I've traded in the office space I've had since I started this blog for a dusty room in a big, old house a couple of streets over. It doesn't have its own bathroom but it's a lot cheaper, and closer, and not on the 6th (that's 7th for those of you Stateside) floor. In addition to a stripping down of amenities, my internet velocity is reduced tenfold- let's hope that's not a problem. It should also be a more social situation as the neighbors are a non-profit where my Welsh friends work. We will share this internet connection (conceivably reducing my velocity twentyfold) as well as a pair of french doors. Also, the other tenant in the building is a silkscreener, who might finally be able to help me get the kinks worked out of my much stalled screenprinting career.

Tired, So Tired...

I'm always tired. Always have been, since I was a kid. Not just that I like to sleep, which I do, but I never seem to have any energy. I can work hard for a few hours but it decimates me and I'm worthless afterwards. This last week has been particularly bad. Wednesday was the Lavagem de Bonfim, a huge party here in the city and a guaranteed full day under the scorching sun. I don't know why it never rains on this day. I usually go, and usually enjoy it, but the kids weren't home, Evani set out early, and I couldn't get myself out of bed. The thought of spending eight hours walking ten kilometers in the heat of the day without a cloud in the sky just couldn't compare to the pleasures of staying in bed and sleeping as long as I wanted.

I discovered I wrote a post about these two topics two years ago...

Just for the record when I started this blog, I didn't really do it with the intention of anybody reading it. I just thought it would be a good way to keep a record of what I see as a particularly weird chapter of my life. Two years later, I don't have a huge readership, but I've had a lot of interesting contacts and such as a result of maintaining it. Not least of which was...

The Reality Show

I was contacted a week or so ago by a casting agent for a reality show. I'm not really into reality shows, seeing as how I kinda hate television as a rule, but I figured what the hell and inquired for more details. It would have been an interesting experience, but I didn't qualify, which is probably for the best.

And no, I won't tell you what reality show it was, but I assure you you've never heard of it.

Street Art

Ain't happening. The best I've been able to manage are a few drawings with my new big markers, like this one I did on New Year's Day:

My Online Store

Also not yet happening, but close, so close!! I made a big push in December to finish it but I couldn't pull it together and now I'm scattered and distracted again.

And finally...

Egg Hunt

Lucas saw a picture of us painting Easter Eggs last year and announced that he wanted to paint some more. I told him Easter is months away and no, I wasn't going to paint any eggs that evening, in fact we didn't have any eggs to paint. Lucas said no problem let's just draw some eggs and I thought that was an excellent idea. So we drew some eggs on paper and cut them out and then had some Easter Egg hunts in the house. It was kinda fun.

So, looking this over, even though it feels like I never do anything, passing my days in a fog of semi-consciousness, apparently some things do happen in spite of myself. Here's to many more things in 2010!


andre said...

Happy New Year! ( New year off to a crazy start, too.)
Back here in New Orleans we just had a hard freeze last week, which killed our tropicals, like bananas and ginger, and made me very peevish hearing how hot it was in Bahia. But now it's warmer and the Saints are hot and there has been an abundance of fresh o.j. because all the fruit had to be picked last week. Carnival has kicked off here and will coincide with Super Bowl. Have a great summer. Margaret

Fabio Bossard said...

I liked the shed roof you made. Nice job!