Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Doth My Blog Bringeth Today?

I keep waiting to 'get discovered' via this blog, or some other aspect of my robust online presence. This is silly, because I don't do anything to promote myself other than the most basic stuff. Occasionally I do get to meet interesting people, and then I get the odd nibble, like the aforementioned reality show. I was all coy about what this was about, but beans, they spilleth now: it was some house buying show, international version, where they follow people around looking for houses. Since I've been a homeowner for five years I didn't exactly qualify, and they didn't exactly offer to buy me a new house, so ixnay on atthay.

Then a few days ago I got this enticing tidbit in my inbox:
I am trying to get a hold of you to see if you wish to accept the award for winning the 2010 TA Expat writing contest. I am not sure if my emails are falling into your spam folder or if you are not interested in the $500.
Well, sure I'm interested in the five hundred dollars! Unfortunately they wanted to give it to someone else. At least I only had to read the next email in my inbox to have the nascent bubble burst.

Okay. So today I get this, submitted via my website:
Oi, markuza, Sou produtora de TV, e queria conversar com vc sobre a possibilidade de uma participação sua num programa. Vc me manda seu telefone? O meu é xxxx xxxx. Aguardo seu contato, abraço!
I just read how Google robusticized its online translator, so I decided to run it through and see what I got (not that I couldn't read it on my own):
Hi, markuza, I am TV producer, and wanted to talk with you about the possibility of its participation in a program. You let me have your phone? Mine is xxxx xxxx. I await your touch, hug!
Not bad, except for the amusing last sentence. A faithful translation, but somehow the meaning got skewed... As the NY Times article mentioned, human translators need not fear the breadline just yet.

So what? Third time's a charm? I am seriously considering not publishing this yet so I don't jinx myself, but I'm not superstitious, am I? No, of course not! I'm going to publish it anyways, as in all likelihood this is as far as it's gonna go.

So I know I promised to tell you what this is in my last post:

And I will. But it might take a couple more days. Any guesses? Here's another hint: it is functional-face-down in this picture. And it is not a kluge.


Troy Bartlett said...

Is the mystery object a boot scrape? As in it is secured to the ground and you run your muddy boots along the sides and top to scrape off the dirt.

markuza said...

Good guess Troy, but it's not a boot scraper! It is 'secured' however... that's a bigger hint than it sounds like.

Pedra said...

I think it's the deterrent to keeping people off your front step. Kind of like those things for birds, except you made one to keep people away?

markuza said...

People deterrent! Sadly, no. Although I still think about building those. Pretty far down on my list of projects however.

Fabio Bossard said...

That's Lucas's artwork!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... looks like a mail box to me.

(P.S. - really like your blog - you're a very engaging writer!)

markuza said...

Fabio- good guess, but I mentioned in the last post that it's not a Lucas creation :) Actually, all those bent nails? They were hammered into pre-drilled holes.

Anonymous- a mail box! Nice! Unfortunately, it's not hollow.

Glad to hear you enjoy the blog.