Sunday, August 22, 2010

Handy Andy Strikes Again

My last couple posts have left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I thought I'd do a silly little Mr. Fix-It post to act as an after-dinner mint.

My mom used to call me Handy Andy, because I used to like to fix things as a kid, and... my middle name is Andrew. Still like to fix things, yes I do!

I suppose this could be another grumpy post except I'm not grumpy about what happened anymore, which was that the dump truck trashed the side mirror on my car. The poor car, and particularly that side of it, has had bad luck with dump trucks. I rubbed up against one in traffic one time and the whole door got caved in by the tire on the truck, and then for a long time the mirror just sort of hung off the right side of the car. I finally came up with a decent fix some months ago, and it hasn't given me any problems until now. The problem with my fix is that the mirror no longer popped out of place like a dislocated shoulder on contact with another object, like, say, a dump truck. It was wired and glued into place, so when the truck smacked into it, the entire housing was shattered.

Luckily for me, the mirror didn't get broken. I had a look and decided that I would kludge a fix and be done with it. I scouted for materials and found the perfect thing: an empty bottle of fabric softener.

The rest of this story is best told in images:

I love my new workshop.

Looking good!

Ready for paint.

Good thing I have plenty of spray paint on hand!

And it's attached! Pretty convincing from this angle- at least at a distance.

Less so on this side. My wife saw these pictures and sighed, commenting 'what poverty.' Oh well! I think it's fun. I keep thinking of this thing I saw on TV one time when I was a kid, when some doctors gave this guy a 'Thoe' - making him a new thumb out of one of his big toes. On the upside, this should help to convince my neighbors that I'm not rolling in cash.

Hope you enjoyed that!


Mei said...

Just because you have the money to buy something new doesn't mean you should! I applaud your resourcefulness.

markuza said...

I agree wholeheartedly. We need to evolve out of the disposable culture and mindset, and fast!

Fabio Bossard said...

Good job, man!

Michael Knapp said...

Love your mirror "Thoe". Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mark. I'm impressed at your cretivity and resourcefulness!!