Thursday, December 9, 2010

Superhero Bonanza

In the interest of writing something absolutely silly, and shocking the world with two posts in two days, I will recount the following.

We went to the supermarket this evening. My son, who is big on his superheros, got dressed for the occasion. This involved putting on not one, but two costumes under his street clothes, grabbed a bag for the clothing (notably lacking in the real superhero stories), and announced his intentions. His mother said no way, his somewhat more indulgent father said let him have his fun.

So Lucas arrived at the supermarket as Lucas, in short order he doffed the street clothes and became Spider Man. After about twenty minutes or so he ducked behind a rack of clothing and became Batman, complete with mask. Ironically, it just occurred to me that I purchased that Batman costume at the same supermarket. Along with about half the other stuff I own.

It was pretty funny. Lucas generally gets a lot of attention when he goes out dressed as a superhero, particularly Batman. But to be honest I don't think anyone in the place batted an eye. Brazilians love kids and tend to be quite tolerant of them.

And now an update on my last post: the video I put on YouTube of the two women fighting has now been viewed 168 times, in about 24 hours. I presume this is because I tagged it with 'Mulher' (woman) and 'Briga' (fight). At this rate it will overtake my second most watched video, which is of my wife playing a berimbau while pregnant, in a little over a month. That video has been online for three and a half years.


I should just take it down. It's foolish and crass. Not that I've ever watched videos of fights on YouTube before- not me. I would never do that.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Heart My Neighbors

I know, you haven't heard from me in a while. Lots of reasons for that, none of which I will get into just now.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to repeat my oft-expressed love for my charming neighbors. So sweet and polite, considerate and engaging. Here's a couple women engaging in a debate over their relative virtues, right outside my window, just this afternoon:

Isn't that wonderful? I could probably get this played on a daytime TV program here in the city if I wanted- and they'd play it about twenty times in a row while making disapproving commentary about how pathetic it is.

But ya know, I'm not gonna send it in. It is, my dear readers, for your eyes only.