Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Heart My Neighbors

I know, you haven't heard from me in a while. Lots of reasons for that, none of which I will get into just now.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to repeat my oft-expressed love for my charming neighbors. So sweet and polite, considerate and engaging. Here's a couple women engaging in a debate over their relative virtues, right outside my window, just this afternoon:

Isn't that wonderful? I could probably get this played on a daytime TV program here in the city if I wanted- and they'd play it about twenty times in a row while making disapproving commentary about how pathetic it is.

But ya know, I'm not gonna send it in. It is, my dear readers, for your eyes only.


Big Al said...

Ha! i just viewed this. Not bad. i like how the guy fixes her hair after he breaks up the fight. i'm sure it sounded different at the time to call your attention, but viewing it here... They seem pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Good work.

markuza said...

A lot more could have been done to prevent that fight from even happening. They are pretty casual about the fights in general I'd say around here... where I lived in the States they'd be talking about that fight for months. And isn't that odd, the hair bit?