Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Normaltude

After a week in the house by myself, bouncing off the walls and staying up until dawn, the family returned this morning and things begin to return to normal. The TV and radio are on, Evani is chatting on the phone as she does for at least a couple hours a day. Normal.

Summer vacation ended for Lucas today, and he is at school. He was so cute, so excited- he woke me up and the first thing that came out of his mouth was about the Spider Man notebook he has convinced himself he needs... I talked him down, more or less, but I'm sure he'll be back on it soon enough. He's a determined little guy. He went through and organized all his new school material, took a shower and dressed himself without any encouragement, even rolled his new backpack all the way to school. Ah to be five again! Well, maybe twenty. Twenty-one, so I could buy booze in the States.

In other news, my not-yet-14-year-old stepson sold his cellphone and got a tattoo. This is not permitted by law here in Brazil, but if I've learned one thing during my time here it is that a law is only as good as its enforcement, which leads to a high degree of chaos. I'm not saying lawlessness doesn't exist in places outside of Brazil, just that I've learned a lot about it here. Neither Evani nor myself have actually seen this tattoo, but rumor has it it's the initials, or initial, of some girl- which is precisely why it is against the law for minors to get tattoos here. I doubt that was very thoroughly thought through. At least it wasn't the 50 Cent tattoo he wanted to get last year. Oh well- to be young and stupid- that's what cover-ups are for. I'm sure if I had been born five years later I would have at least one tattoo- I came pretty close a couple times as it was.


Pedra said...

Lets just hope he doesn't get one of those dumb neck tattoos. God I cringe when I see a young person with tats all up around their necks. I think I'm getting more crotchety and old fashioned as I get older. And this from someone with 3 tattoos (all done after age 21 though!). But I haven't seen a lot of people in Brazil with the neck tats like here, so perhaps you will be spared.


markuza said...

Yeah I hear you- I'm definitely not a fan of neck tats either.