Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Telephone Hell - Again

I'm tired.

So tired.

Some years back I wrote a furious post about the nightmare I was having trying to get telephone and internet service hooked up at my new office. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself- I've been in a waiting, calling, and threatening game for three weeks now trying to get internet in my new office/store so I can actually do some work there. Hookup was supposed to be scheduled (no, it was scheduled) for today but the company (GVT) fucked it up again.

I'm not going to get into the details. I'm too worn out by the whole thing and I've already done two rants on the phone today with the phone company.

Just waiting for this to be over with so I can get on with my life.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Change, part III

Wow, three posts in three days! Amazing!

Only because I'm an idiot.

I got to thinking and in addition to the extra hour of daylight I will be getting, I will indeed be getting the three hour jump on deadlines that I thought I'd get originally. That is, once the time change happens in the northern hemisphere. For now I'll have only two hours. Except for my clients in California, in which case I get a five hour lead, or my client in Colorado, I'll have a four hour lead- increasing to six and five hours respectively after the 6th of November!

If I had any clients in Greenland I would have no lead time at all.

Isn't that all just fascinating? I think I actually got it right this time.

All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy

Speaking of which, I went back to my big wall today for the first time in over a month. See if you can figure out what I painted.

Time Change, part II

He writes again, and so soon!

He writes a correction. I got my addition mixed up with my subtraction, and it turns out it will soon be three hours later here than in New England, not three hours earlier. Blast! So much for my extra three hours to meet deadlines.

There was another thing I wanted to mention on the subject, which is that much, or most, of the country changes their clocks every year, but Bahia had been choosing not to. This meant that television programming (a big deal here) was pushed up an hour, and also some banking transactions were pushed up as well. Apparently they decided to make the change more to get the state in line with the rest of the country, more than in the interests of maximizing daylight.

And speaking of daylight, we will now get an extra hour, which will be great! I've gotten pretty used to having it get dark at about 6:00 all year round, but an extra hour of sunlight will be most welcome.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time Change

Hello there.

It's been a while- no apologies, the blog stumbles but it does not fall. There are many things I could write about, my whirlwind, stress-filled trip to the States, my brand-new semi-opened store, phone company incompetence and tomfoolery, etc.

But I won't write about any of those, I'm going to write a quick note about the time change. The Brazilian, southern-hemisphere, in-the-tropics time change. It's happening tonight, and I didn't even know about it. That wouldn't be anything special, if I still lived in New England, where I was prone to forget that kind of thing, but we haven't had a time change here in Bahia for eight years. I remember them, vaguely, from my first couple years here (my I've lived here for some time now). Mostly I remember them because when the time is changed here and also in New England, the time difference jumps from one to three hours- going from a minor consideration to suddenly even though my son's just getting home from school my mom is now going to bed.

The biggest advantage for me, doing lots of work for clients in the northern hemisphere? Three extra hours to meet a deadline.

I just looked at our local paper's website to read up a bit on the topic, and found out something rather amusing. Like so many things here in Bahia, the period of the time change will be dictated by... you guessed it- a party. Admittedly, it is the biggest street party in the world and a huge source of revenue for the city and presumably the state as well. I guess they don't want to confuse the revelers by changing the clocks in the middle of Carnaval, because they'll all be too drunk to figure it out... on the other hand, I'd think they'd all be too distracted to care very much.

Mark out. Here's hoping my next post doesn't take this long to get published. I really do have my very own store now, and I'd like to share it with you. Another time.