Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Change, part II

He writes again, and so soon!

He writes a correction. I got my addition mixed up with my subtraction, and it turns out it will soon be three hours later here than in New England, not three hours earlier. Blast! So much for my extra three hours to meet deadlines.

There was another thing I wanted to mention on the subject, which is that much, or most, of the country changes their clocks every year, but Bahia had been choosing not to. This meant that television programming (a big deal here) was pushed up an hour, and also some banking transactions were pushed up as well. Apparently they decided to make the change more to get the state in line with the rest of the country, more than in the interests of maximizing daylight.

And speaking of daylight, we will now get an extra hour, which will be great! I've gotten pretty used to having it get dark at about 6:00 all year round, but an extra hour of sunlight will be most welcome.

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