Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Change, part III

Wow, three posts in three days! Amazing!

Only because I'm an idiot.

I got to thinking and in addition to the extra hour of daylight I will be getting, I will indeed be getting the three hour jump on deadlines that I thought I'd get originally. That is, once the time change happens in the northern hemisphere. For now I'll have only two hours. Except for my clients in California, in which case I get a five hour lead, or my client in Colorado, I'll have a four hour lead- increasing to six and five hours respectively after the 6th of November!

If I had any clients in Greenland I would have no lead time at all.

Isn't that all just fascinating? I think I actually got it right this time.

All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy

Speaking of which, I went back to my big wall today for the first time in over a month. See if you can figure out what I painted.

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Jennifer Souza said...

To my surprise, we do not change the clocks here in Rondonia. One reason could be, that being in the Tropics, we don't really get much fluctuations in the 12 hours of daylight.