Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Wall, Finished

It's done.


Well, as done as it's going to get anyways.

I can't even remember quite how long I've been working on it, but I noticed today that it's already starting to fade in places so I think it's best I just wind it up or I'll keep futzing with it for another couple months, and you know what? I'd rather paint something else for a while. If I ever get bored I can go back and paint it again some time- he he!

The thing is I would keep futzing with it if I didn't force myself to stop - it's far from perfect and never will be, so why torture myself? The reality is I stopped because it's become something of an embarrassment that I'm still working on it. It's one thing to have a painting or something at home you never quite get around to finishing, but when it's seen by hundreds of people every day then... wrap it up.

And here it is my friends:


Leo said...

Awesomeness Mark. Huge, colorful, and full of movement. It's the Marka Lisa of Salvador.

markuza said...

Thanks Leo! 'Marka Lisa' - I like that. Hope you are well.

Jennifer Souza said...

Interesting piece...I wish I could get you to come here and paint some walls.

Nina said...

wow! it so amazing. now, I feel like painting a wall too!

markuza said...

Thanks Jennifer and Nina! I got a huge response on Facebook, very gratifying. Jennifer- too bad you live so far away or I'd be happy to paint some walls for you!