Sunday, January 1, 2012


Here it is- another New Year's day, and I wanted to write a short post before I go down and watch the rest of the Transformers movie that I have to return tomorrow.

Rather than summing things up or making resolutions, I just wanted to mark some milestones in my life. Any resolutions I might have come up with (I was never big on resolutions anyways) I enacted a couple months ago when I opened my store. Which reminds me - I resolve to write about my store! In the next year!

So - I like doing a New Year's day post mostly because I started this silly blog on a New Year's day, four years ago. Kinda hard to believe, but then again, it's been a sporadic endeavor at best so it's not like I spend a chunk of time working on it every day.

Another big milestone: it has now been ten years since my first trip to Brazil. If I'd had any idea how much that trip would change my life, would I have made the trip? I don't honestly know, but looking back at the 10-years-ago me, I think I was pretty ready to do something crazy, which I did.

Other milestones: seven years in our house, seven years of marriage (feeling itchy?), my kid is coming up on his seventh birthday. I was pretty busy seven years ago. Wouldn't have planned to do all three of those at the same time, but that's how it worked out. It has also been thirteen years since I stopped visiting a certain sticky green friend, and I really don't miss him very much.

Oh yeah - this too: Christmas day is my half birthday, so now I'm 42.5.

And finally, a new personal record, set this evening: I ran three times around the Dique de TororĂ³ (btw if you visit the page I linked to, I saw the boat in the picture today- half sunk at its mooring). There are nice brass plaques every 100 meters around the Dique, so I can tell you that I ran precisely 7.8 kilometers, and it took me almost exactly 45 minutes. I think I'm ready for a 10K race.

Happy New Year's everyone, and all the best from Bahia.