Friday, January 20, 2012

Busy busy

Man, if I had one day a week like the day I had today at the store the business would be doing great. If every day were like today, I'd need employees and would be thinking about finding a new location already.

Leaving the house, I got a call from a customer asking if I was already at the store, then assuring me he would drop by shortly. Then, I had people waiting for me when I got to the store. I had about half an hour to myself after they left, but not enough time to complete, or even start, my typical morning routine.

Then the day started in earnest.

I had one customer after another, all day long. I didn't even get a decent meal in, just a couple bread/cheese rolls and an orange juice. I sold a lot of paint. Finally there was a lull and I went to the bank to pay some bills, hanging up my 'back in ten minutes' sign. Unfortunately, there were about fifteen people in line at the bank, which generally means a twenty minute wait or longer. When I got back to the store, I had two customers waiting for me, who proceeded to buy even more paint. Two more customers came in at about 4:30, and spent well over an hour picking out two dozen cans of paint. I've discovered some customers can be excruciatingly slow, which I guess makes sense- there are a lot of options and the material is relatively expensive so they don't want to get the wrong paint and end up regretting it.

Next thing I knew it was 6:00 and I was exhausted. A couple American friends who are visiting showed up so we could walk down to this little neighborhood and see some of the paint I sold that day getting applied to a wall. That's another story, one of several I must needs recount, if I ever find the time.


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Congratulations on all your business!! I hope it keeps up for you!! I'll be waiting for those stories...

markuza said...

thank yooooouuuuuu ! ! !