Monday, January 2, 2012

Corrida Sagrada

Hmm - looks like my first race might happen sooner than I thought. As soon as I finished my post last night, I got curious and googled 'race salvador 2012' (in Portuguese of course, which means only one word was different from the English, but I digress) and lo and behold, I found a site called 'Portal Bahia Run,' which sounded promising.

And it was. The site informed me that there is a race next Thursday, which is a city holiday here called the Lavagem do Bonfim (about a 3rd of the way down this page), and better yet, it's shorter than what I ran yesterday. I don't need to train for it- I'm already trained. It's only 6.8 kilometers, or about five miles.

There are 600 spots for runners in the race, and the site warned me that they would probably go quickly. I called this morning, and the guy I talked to confirmed that. He said I'd better get down there as soon as possible, so I did. I waited until 5:00 and then closed the store to walk down and sign up, which was easy, painless, and quick.

I'm kind of surprised how excited I am about this, but I think it will be very fun, and veeeery different from the other times I've walked this route. The most memorable of those was seven years ago, when I walked it with my father and my brothers, along with a sizable group of Brazilians. I got quite wasted that time, this time I'll be riding a natural high.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Have fun! Christian and I are interested in doing a race, but we've had a hard time finding one that doesn't cost a lot just to enter. I'll check out that Portal Bahia Run site.

markuza said...

Thanks! This one was 30 reis, is that expensive? I have no frame of reference, and I get that great shirt too! I almost bought a shirt to run in at Riachuelo for 25 reis, so seems like a deal to me :)

Vamos correr juntos um dia!

fabiobossard said...

Very nice, Mark!

markuza said...

Thanks Fábio!

Jennifer Souza said...

How nice that it is shorter than your training run :-) That'll feel awesooome.

markuza said...

Gotta love it! Now let's see how many septuagenarians come in before me :)