Saturday, January 21, 2012

Curso e Tal

Here I am, home again on a Saturday night once again. It's my own fault - I left a party as soon as I could this evening. I just wasn't feeling it - I wasn't drinking, so the drunk people were starting to really annoy me, I hardly knew anyone, and I couldn't stop ogling this lovely college student which made me feel aged and lecherous. I fled the scene.

Dejected I may be, a tad, but I've had a busy day. It started early, as I signed myself up for a free art course that is offered at the MAM - the modern art museum that is just down the hill from our house. Silly me - I've lived in this house seven years now and I only just discovered that they offer free courses there. Well, actually, I've known they have courses there for a long time, but I only found out they were free and became interested a couple months ago. As luck would have it, this was right after I opened my store, which had been opening on Saturday mornings but now will *not* at least until June. I didn't bother to ask my lovely wife if she'd open the store for me on Saturdays - she's made it pretty clear just how interested she is in participating with the business enterprise and I've decided not to push it. If I miss any sales, so be it. I really wanted to take a class.

As luck would also have it, the only course available on Saturdays was gravura em metal, or etching, which was exactly the course I wanted to take. I've done a bit of etching- my dad had a fully equipped print shop in his studio. In fact, he had a beautiful brand new etching press that would have been the envy of most college printmaking programs. He did some beautiful etchings and taught us how it was doLinkne. He liked the little etchings I did quite a bit, always being very supportive of my artistic endeavors. And now I'm going to do some more. It's going to be fun. We're going to do a couple months of monoprinting, and then get into the acid and do the real deal etchings. I only have to pay for a few materials - a liter of kerosene, some paper, some disposable gloves, and all the rest is taken care of. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

The instructor, who is named Evandro, seems like a very nice and mellow guy. The first two classes have dragged a bit, mostly watching videos and listening to lectures. Today's lecture was particularly agonizing as I had a snot snorter sitting next to me and honking away every minute or two for an hour and a half. Never should have written that post- it's made me hyper-sensitive to the phenomenon and I'm just gonna have to deal with it.

I did get to do a couple monoprints at the end of the time today, and I would have done more if I hadn't received a call from a distraught customer with a clogged paint can- I left early to set him straight.

So looks to be fun and I'll post some pics of my work at some point, also of the space - it's right on the water and a pretty cool spot for an art class. And I'm up past my bedtime and must be sleeping now, goodnight!


Jennifer Souza said...

I'm an art fan....not a lot going on here with art. So please do post soon.

markuza said...

You got it Jennifer! Happy to oblige.

fabiobossard said...

Taking new classes is always good!
I learned two word !ogle" and "lecherous"

markuza said...

Two great words that go great together :)

fabiobossard said...

Yes, I also liked the title. Curso e tal.

Pedra said...

Mark it sounds like you have been doing some cool stuff! Have fun with the etching class :)