Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Carnaval Note of Interest

Hey there - just a quick post here, something that occurred to me in the midst of my day. For the first time I think ever, since we've been renting rooms for Carnaval, nobody was robbed or got in a fight or anything bad like that. We had a brief scare when the Disappearing Turks vanished, and wondered if they'd been kidnapped or worse, but as you all know that turned out to be a big fat nothing. We did have some people get squirted - squirt guns were big this year - but nothing worse than that.

Word is that violence in general was down this year, in spite of the strike. Tourism I think was also down, as a result of the strike, which might have had a corollary effect. But I'm pleased nonetheless.


Brasilicana said...

You're right - I just read in "Correio da Bahia" the other day that crime was down 16% this Carnaval.

markuza said...

You heard it first at 'What Am I Doing Here? - The Blog'!!

yeah, right...