Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Today I moved up a notch - perhaps a small one - in my street art career.  An interview with me was published on the 'A Arte Na Rua' (The Art in the Street) website, which chronicles the graffiti/street art scene here in Salvador.  The Arte Na Rua site is a project of José F. Paranaguá, who can be found at any street art event or related gallery opening with his camera, he knows everyone, and he is what every city should have - an historian for an ephemeral art form.  There are pictures in the article that I didn't even know that he took.  If you read Portuguese, have a read, if you don't, there are some nice pictures.


nackedi said...

Okey, my friend!
Thank you.


Fábio said...

Very nice, man!

markuza said...

valeu gente!