Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vida, Day Two

It's not looking good for the dog.  My wife hates her.  Says she's too big, she doesn't like the smell, doesn't like the hair.  Might be best to take her back before Lucas and I get too attached.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, I went and done it this time.

Meet Vida, the newest member of the family, who joined us this morning.  Officially she is on a trial basis - ie we need for my wife to warm up to her.  The fact that Vida is here at all is remarkable considering the rather colorful response I received from Evani on Sunday when I told her I'd found this very sweet dog.

We've been talking about getting a dog for a while, and I had Evani's vague approval.  I mentioned this to her after we got home, and also told her she had some rottweiler in her, and she agreed to give her a try.  Then, when we get her home this morning, she was alarmed to see how large Vida was, so there is still some warming up to do.  From my perspective, she's not that big - my friend Sins has real rottweilers, and they are two or three times Vida's size.  She's a medium size dog, at least by US standards, but in the US everything is supersized.

Despite the shredded towel in the photo, Vida is super mellow and sweet.  She's sleeping peacefully on the floor here in the store like she's been here for years.  She's very mellow with Lucas, and Lucas is completely taken with her, at least for now.

Let me explain what happened: on Sunday, I took Lucas to the Parque de PituaƧu, which has gotten several mentions on this oft-neglected blog.  This time we didn't bring our bikes, our intention being to ride the swan boats, which we did.  Lucas seemed to think they were more like bumper cars, although I wouldn't let him actually ram anyone like he wanted to.  While we were waiting for our boat I noticed there was an animal adoption station in the park.  I'd been trying to get to one for some time.  We didn't have time to visit it until after the boat ride, and by then it was five o'clock and they were packing up for the day.  I went by and there were some puppies and kittens, I was not interested in them.  I asked to see the oldest dog there, and they showed me Vida.

My intention was to get an older dog, something like 6 or 7 years old.  Vida, although nobody is certain, is probably two or three.  She was found on the beach in a very bad way about four months ago - she had been hit by a car and was living on the streets.  She has a pronounced limp in one leg, although it has apparently gotten a bit better as she's recovered and put on weight.  Her remarkable recovery earned her the name Vida, which for those unversed in Romance languages, means 'Life.'  We don't know that much more about her, but we think she must have lived with a family at one point, since she is so mellow around people.

She doesn't bark, she doesn't whine, she doesn't jump up on us.  She wants to play at biting, but you couldn't even call it nipping.  And she does like to play, which is an advantage with a younger dog, and also a bonus with a young, energetic child.  She's also been spayed, and gotten all her shots, and she came free with a collar, a leash, a dog bowl, and a little plastic dog brush.

So far, so good.