Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vida, Day Two

It's not looking good for the dog.  My wife hates her.  Says she's too big, she doesn't like the smell, doesn't like the hair.  Might be best to take her back before Lucas and I get too attached.


Pedra said...

Ahhhh...she's cute! I hope you get to keep her. I'm sure if she was a poodle then your wife would be all over it. In my experience Brazilians aren't as fond of the "vira-lata" as we are here in the US. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Its funny because "vira lata" are smarter dogs than pure breeds which come with all sorts of medical conditions and problems that cost thousand of dollars at the vet. Simply because you breed deficits into them by inbreeding, just like you shouldn't inbreed humans.

I think Brazilians are more into "status" and how they look than the actual real worth of something. I also don't think Brazilians are for the most part animal lovers since a lot of Brazilians actually live worse than dogs and cats do in the US.

Anonymous said...

She looks exactly my dog. She was also found four years ago tied on a pillar on the highway. We had some hard times at the beginning. She was a puppy and ate everything munchable. She is now very calm and I really cannot imagine my life without her. I hope you keep Vida. I am sure your wife will get used to her.

markuza said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, and unfortunately it didn't work out. One thing I've noticed is that with dogs that remotely resemble a particular breed, at least with the humbler class here in Brasil, the fact that they are actually vira-latas (mutts, for those who don't speak Brazilian) is usually overlooked.