Sunday, September 16, 2012

Vida, Fim de Festa

I neglected to post a follow up to my previous post, telling the end of the story with Vida.

As you probably already have guessed, we brought her back.  Or rather, I brought her back. The same day I wrote my last post.

Although my wife's vehement opposition to having Vida in the house was the precipitating factor, in fairness to her, it was more like the straw that broke the camel's back.  I knew that owning a dog would be a lot of work, and it was becoming clear pretty quickly that Vida's injured leg meant that she was going to have a hard time doing things that I was going to want to do, like go for bike rides and such.  Granted, my wife may have changed her mind and her leg may have gotten better, but I had to balance the possibility of that happening against the reality that Lucas and I were getting very attached to her, and bringing her back in two weeks time would have been much worse than bringing her back after 24 hours.  The leg I could have lived with, my wife's resentment I could not.  Not fair to Vida, not fair to Lucas and I, and not fair to my wife either, so I chose to nip the whole ordeal in the bud and bring her back.

I figured the whole thing would fade quickly and we'd get over it, and we have.  Lucas has continued to bring her up, our almost-dog, which surprises me a bit although it shouldn't.

My wife says she'd prefer one of those rat-like, yappy, drop-kickable dogs which you might gather I am not entirely fond of.  Not that I'd actually drop kick a dog, especially one that was stupid enough to think it could challenge a human that weighs in excess of 20 times its weight and might actually bite me.

Who knows - maybe a rat dog is better than no dog.  Especially if there's peace in the household.  As for now, the whole dog thing is seriously back-burnered. 

As for Vida, I reckon the whole ordeal was simply a brief interlude with a couple of nice people in a strange place - she went back to what she was used to and seemed quite happy to see her old humans again.  I sure hope she ends up in a nice place - she deserves it.