Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Recent Events in Photos

  Life does have its interesting moments, here are a few.

Evani's new living room, with an original Markuza on the wall.  This photo got a nice buzz from my friends and acquaintances on Facebook, and I may have sold a painting as a result.

 Possibly the biggest news - this little article thingie appeared in one of the local papers on Sunday.  I forgot to pick one up and thought I was going to miss out, but my barber had an old copy.  This also got a nice buzz on Facebook, although my barber, who read the paper 'from cover to cover' hadn't even noticed it.  I should really post a translation, but I'm too lazy.

Finally got out and did a decent painting on Sunday.  I had planned to paint solo, but Fael, a client and an excellent grafiteiro, called me up and invited me to paint with a couple other folks.  My newish phone takes panoramic photos, which is cool.  This is the result.

This one is a result of a taxi going by as I was panning to make the photo - also cool

This final panorama was taken after I got home from painting.  I had to climb onto the roof to fix a leak.  I have no view from the house proper, but the view from the roof is pretty cool.

 My roof is not pretty, but my neighbor's is a fucking disgrace.  I bet your neighbor's roof doesn't look like this.

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